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TB620-E - 1

"The Leader in Rubber-Tire Forest Machines!"'

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TB620-E - 2

Automatic reversing engine Centralized greasing hard to reach places. Pump drive ratio set so engine torque and best efficiency. Large optional supplemental oil cooler Load sense, pressure compensated hydraulics Hydrostatic 2-speed transmission with speeds to 12 mph (19,3 km/h).„. S

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TB620-E - 3

TheTB620-E is a six-wheeled machine designed to handle the heavier cutting attachments, featuring the factory installed Log Max dangle, Risley II control-fall and Quadco disc saw. Also available with practically any other attachment that the customer would desire. The TB620-E is designed to take the place of track machines in many areas, especially on rough, rocky ground, and when cutting scattered timber where speed and maneuverability are essential. The machine has continous swing and a short wheelbase with the center-of-rotation near the articulation joint for working over both ends....

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TB620-E - 5

BOOM SWEEP Even with tandem bogies, short wheelbase tight inside turning diameter (Shown with Optional Leveling Frame) Machine Weights and Ground Pressures *Base Machine Optional Add-ons: Fluid In Rear Tires Ground Pressures: Front Wheels Front Wheels w/Tracks Rear Wheels Lift Capacities Boom Lift Capacity - Forwarder Booms (Without cutting attachment) Boom Lift Capacity - Feller Buncher Booms (Without cutting attachment) * Approximate "woods ready" weight without attachment, forwarder-style booms, fully serviced including 1/2 full fuel tank and 175 lb. (80 kg) operator.

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TB620-E - 6

DIMENSIONS & SPECIFICATIONS Overall Height - Nonleveling 750/28L Tires Overall Height - Leveling 700/750 Tires E) Overall Width-Wheels Dish "IN" Overall Width - Wheels Dish "OUT" F) Ground Clearance - Hinge Pin - 700/750 Tires Ground Clearance - Hinge Pin - 750/28L Tires G) Ground Clearance - Rear Axle - 700/750 Tires Ground Clearance - Rear Axle - 750/28L Tires TimberPro reserves the right to change specifications without notice or obligation. Products illustrated may be equipped with non-standard equipment. Other manufacturer's equipment or attachments shown are used for illustration...

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