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TB 630-B / TB 830-B - 2

Benets of Gullwing Design ► Engine compartment completely shielded from the hydraulics to help prevent res. ► Engine exhaust insulated to help prevent res and reduce noise. ► Rubber positioining cones to help strengthen upper when gullwing door is closed. Ladder for access to work area on gullwing. ► Provides platform to stand on when doing machine service. ► Easier access to major components for service and repair. STANDARD & OPTIONAL FEATURES ENGINE TIRES & DRIVELINE

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TB 630-B / TB 830-B - 3

BOOM SWEEP 630 BASE MACHINE WEIGHT LIFT CAPACITY - feller buncher LIFT CAPACITY - harvester (Lift Capacities do not include attachment weight) short wheelbase inside turning TimberPro Inc reserves the right to change specifications without notice or obligation. Product illustrations may be equipped with non-standard equipment. E-Mail: info@timberpro.com

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TB 630-B / TB 830-B - 4

Stability, Strength and Versatility The TimberPro TB 830 and TB 630 are the only wheeled machines in the world designed to handle larger cutting attachments like the Log Max 9000, Risley Rolly II and Quadco disc saws. The TimberPro line of wheeled harvester and feller bunchers are proven to increase production especially on rough terrain or when cutting scattered timber. The TimberPro line of machines come standard with 360° continuous rotation allowing the operator to always face his/her work. This feature also gives the operator the ability to harvest timber 360° around the machine....

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TB 630-B / TB 830-B - 5

Choice of machine colo Large comfortable cab wi air ride seat, reduced noise ROPS / FOPS / OPS c TimberPro's improved left side visibility Extra large hydraulic oil cooler. No tail swing & great visibility all around with engine behind the cab. Large swing bearing w/continous swing. 100 gallon fuel tank. 700-26.5 or Optional 750-26.5 front tires. Heavy Duty Bogie Axle

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TB 630-B / TB 830-B - 6

ith heated / e levels, and certied. ccess to drop nd motor. Increased access to all major components for service. Dual lock cylinders for oscillating rear axle. Optional 6' squirt boom for 31'1" of reach or Feller buncher booms for heavy attachments. 750-26.5 or Optional 28L-26.5 rear tires.

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