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Production EquipmentWe ld e RsSR80 Bench Model The SR-80 is a universal capacitance discharge welder specifically designed for the fast and efficient production of thermocouple measuring junctions and other fine wire welds. Three selectable power ranges are provided allowing for fine adjustment of the weld power. This is particularly useful when welding very fine wires. Wires of dissimilar and similar metals including copper can be welded. A wait lamp with interlock is fitted to prevent the user from using the welder until the current set charge is reached, a facility for connecting Argon is provided for use when very clean welds are required e.g. when welding platinum wires; and a footswitch is also included to allow hands free operation. Description Universal Welder (80 Joules) Price Sterling Price Euros £999.00 €1,298.70 General Specifications: Energy output: 0 to 80 joules via selectable outputs. Weld capacity: Up to 2 x 1.6mm dia. Power supply: 220/240Vac or 100/120Vac to order. Power cons: Max 360VA, quiescent 5VA. Indicators and Controls: LED indication: Mains on, Charging and Argon flow. Meter: Percent of max. charge Weld switch: Activates weld & selects Argon Purge switch: Clears air from Argon circuit. Potentiometer: Sets energy level. Accessories Included: • Power cable • Pliers • Black lead with croc clip • Magnifier • Red filter • 2mm Allen key • Spare carbons(2) • Argon hose • Footswitch Optional Accessories: See below Accessories For SR UnItsTTL offer replacement items and optional accessories for all SR Units: Foot Switch 'FS-Option' £25.00 / €32.50 Impact Welding Clip 'IL' £15.00 / €19.50 Carbon Electrodes 'SR - Carbon' £3.00 / €3.90 per piece. Contact our Sales Team for assistance. Please Note: All list prices are subject to change. Check website for up to date information Temperature Technology Ltd.

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SR80 Bench Model - 2

Production Eguipment We Id e R5 SR50 Portable The SR-50 is a portable battery / mains powered capacitance discharge welder which has been specifically designed for making thermocouple junction welds and impact welds both in the workshop and out on site. It has sufficient power to weld wires of up to 0.9mm diameter and has a battery charge life of at least 500 welds on maximum power. It can also be run from the mains supply via the charger. A wait lamp with interlock is fitted to prevent the user from using the welder until the current set charge is reached. The SR50 case is waterproof light...

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SR80 Bench Model - 3

Production EquipmentWe ld e RsMM01 MI Thermocouple Welding Machine The MI Thermocouple welding machine incorporates a new weld torch assembly and a new vice jaw arrangement for easier changing of thermocouple sizes. This machine is specifically designed for welding the hot junctions of mineral insulated thermocouples. Either Earthed (Bonded) Junction or Insulated Junction welds can be accommodated. The machine will weld thermocouples from 1.0mm to 6.0 mm outside diameter. The welder is divided into two sections to accommodate the two different welding processes associated with the junction...

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SR80 Bench Model - 4

Production Equipment UCES-400 Ultrasonic Ml Cable End Stripper The new Ultrasonic Ml Cable end stripper efficiently removes the sheath from all Ml Cables in the range from 0.5mm diameter to 6.4mm diameter. • Extremely compact unit • Removes up to 25mm of sheath in one operation. • Leaves the conductors unmarked. • Very low power consumption • Mains operated, no compressor needed. • Very simple to set-up and operate • Continuous use • Foot-switch operated • Advanced Ultrasonic generator-self tunes for maximum efficiency • Bench Mounting kit supplied •...

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SR80 Bench Model - 5

The MM02 is designed to remove the insulation from the end of a prepared sample of M.l. cable in order to facilitate a complete welded measurement junction. The insulation is removed along with a section of conductor by drilling the end of the cable precisely to the reguired depth. The machine cleanly cuts away the conductors without twisting them together at the same time as removing the insulation. Price Sterling Price Euros £2,313.00 €3,007.00 Description I cable precision drilling machine The Drilling Machine consists principally of a thyristor controlled DC 250W motor. This motor...

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SR80 Bench Model - 6

Production EguipmentPltoduCTioN EoiipMENT MPB-2 Micro Powder Blaster Part No Description Price Sterling Price Euros Micro-Powder Blaster for the quick removal of compacted MgO powder during Ml thermocouple manufacture and for general blasting duties. General Specification: Work capacity: 10 gallon Max. Sand capacity: 20 lbs Working pressure: 90 psi Colour: red tank 4 ceramic nozzles: dia. 2.4mm, 2.7mm, 3.2mm & 3.6mm Instruction and parts list 10mm diameter hole on the left hand side of the unit as an access Carton: 551 x 406x476 mm *Powder not supplied. WE CAN GIVE DISCOUNTS OFF...

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