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Tele Radio Lynx - 3

Stationary unit power supply 1 1 Connect the stationary unit 1 1 Place the stationary unit 1 1 Hand unit sleep mode 13 The stationary unit leds 15 Connections for digital inputs 17 Connections for Open Collector (OC) 18 Guarantee, servicing & repairs 20

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Tele Radio Lynx - 4

TELE RADIO SETTINGS DOCUMENT Download for print at: HANDUNIT Article no:___________________________ Serial no: ___________________________ Radio channel:________________________ STATIONARY UNIT Article no:___________________________ Serial no: ___________________________ Radio channel:________________________ RS232 Modbus serial setting:_____________ __________________________________ RS485 Modbus serial setting:_____________ __________________________________ RS232 Modbus address:_________________ RS485 Modbus address:_________________

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Tele Radio Lynx - 6

Handunit LEDs 14. LED1 (red/green) 15. LED 2 (red) 16. LED 3 (red) 17. LED 4 (red) 18. LED 5 (red) 6 TX1-B buttons + button 4 button 5 button 6 TX1-C buttons + button 7 button 8

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Tele Radio Lynx - 7

Stationary unit Open Collectors

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Tele Radio Lynx - 8

Get starteD Read the instructions carefully before assembling, installing and programming the products. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT ABOUT THAT APPLY IN YOUR COUNTRY/REGION/COUNTY/STATE Tele Radio cannot be held responsible for any damage or other fault caused by a failure to follow the instructions. This may invalidate the warranty. If the manual does not cover all your needs, visit our website for FAQ and the latest information:

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Tele Radio Lynx - 9

• This product should only be installed by licensed and/ or qualified personnel. • Switch off the power supply to the stationary unit before connecting the equipment. • Keep a good overview of the work area. • Use undamaged cables. Make sure that cables do not hang loose. • Avoid installing the product in areas affected by strong vibrations. • Only qualified personnel should have access to the handunit. • Do not leave the handunit unsupervised. • Contact your dealer for repair and maintenance work on the product. • Retain the instructions for future reference and re-programming of the system.

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Tele Radio Lynx - 10

THE SYSTEM Degree of protection: IP 65 Operating frequency: 2405-2480 MHz. Channels: Channel separation: 5 MHz. Antenna: Weight Interfaces: THE HANDUNIT Weight: TX1-A Internal 130 grams RS232, RS485, OC, Digital inputsjV*^ 120 grams 3 buttons 6 buttons

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Tele Radio Lynx - 11

STATIONARY UNIT POWER SUPPLY POWER SUPPLY CURRENT CONSUMPTION ES FR CONNECT THE STATIONARY UNIT Check that you have connected the power supply to the correct connection terminal. PLACE THE STATIONARY UNIT Well protected from wind, damp and water. With cable holders and vent plugs face down to prevent water from seeping in On a non-conductive surface for optimal performance. If possible, keep away from nearby WLAN, Bluetooth or other 2,4 GHz. equipment for optimal performance.

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Tele Radio Lynx - 12

• Do not place in metalcasing. • Recommended cable for RS232 and RS485 is twisted or shielded cable. INSTALL THE BATTERIES Remove the clip (2 screws). Remove the battery cover (2 screws). Put the batteries in. Put back the battery cover (2 screws). Put back the clip (2 screws). Used batteries should always be recycled. Contact your dealer for more information on proper recycling of batteries in your area.

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Tele Radio Lynx - 13

1. Press any button on the handunit. E.g. button 1. Hand unit Sleep Mode 1. The handunit goes into sleep mode when no button has been pressed in for more than 10 seconds.

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Tele Radio Lynx - 14

The Lynx system only controls the red/ green top LED 1 on the handunit. The function of LEDs 2-5 are determined by the design of the customer host system and therefore cannot be described here.

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Tele Radio Lynx - 15

The Stationary Unit The Stationary Unit LEDs S LED1 = green LED 2= yellow LED 3= red

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Tele Radio Lynx - 17

How to make connections for digital inputs NOTE! This is only an example on how to connect buttons/ switches to the digital inputs. Consideration must be taken to context. Maximum input voltage to the digital inputs is +3.3 VDC referred to GND. 17

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Tele Radio Lynx - 18

NOTE! This is to be viewed as an example on connections for the Open Collector outputs. Consideration must be taken to context. How to make connections for Open Collector (OC) outputs

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Tele Radio Lynx - 19

The previous example shows a typical connection of relays to the OC outputs. The relay power must be the same as connected to the units main power supply. Maximum voltage to the OC that controls the relay is +24VDC. Maximum current is 70mA for each OC output. (The freewheel diode for the relay is included in the design. An external diode therefore is not needed.)

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Tele Radio Lynx - 20

GUARANTEE Tele Radio’s products are covered by a guarantee against material, construction or manufacturing faults. During the guarantee period Tele Radio may replace the product or faulty parts with new ones. Work under warranty must be carried out by Tele Radio or by an authorized service centre specified by Tele Radio. The following faults are not covered by the warranty: • Faults resulting from normal wear and tear. • Parts of a consumable nature. • Products that have been subject to unauthorized modifications. • Faults resulting from incorrect installation or use. • Damp or water...

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Tele Radio Lynx - 21

you contact a dealer about a complaint or service issue: Name of the system, model and a description of the problem. If you need to return a product, the invoice number and delivery date should be included. FR OPERATING GUIDELINES • Keep the product in a dry, clean place. • Make sure that contacts and antennas are kept clean. • Wipe off dust using a slightly damp, clean cloth. • Never use cleaning solutions or high-pressure water. This product complies with current European directives and standards. “Declaration of Conformity” can be downloaded from:

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Tele Radio Lynx - 22

FCC STATEMENTS This device complies with part 15 of the _| FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: 1. This device may not cause harmful interference 2. This device must accept any interference that may cause undesired operation. Note: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this eqipment. Such modifications could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This eqipment. Such modifications could void the user's authority to operate the equipment.

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