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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series


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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 1

Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series Data Sheet Trigger Trigger on Frequency Edge or Power Level Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.7 μs in the Frequency Domain, 9.1 ns in Time Domain DPX Density™ Trigger Activated Directly from DPX Display Time-qualied and Runt Triggers Trap Elusive Transients Frequency Mask Trigger Captures Any Change in Frequency Domain Capture Up to 7.15 s Acquisitions at 110 MHz Bandwidth can be Directly Stored as MATLAB™ Compatible Files Gap-free DPX Spectrogram Records up to 4444 Days of Spectral Information for Analysis and Replay Interfaces with TekConnect® Probes for RF Probing Features & Benets RSA6000 Series 6.2, 14, and 20 GHz Real-time Signal Analyzers High-performance Spectrum Analysis 20 dBm 3rd Order Intercept at 2 GHz, Typical Displayed Average Noise Level –151 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz (–167 dBm/Hz, Preamp On, typical) enables Low-level Signal Search ±0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Accuracy to 3 GHz for High Measurement Condence Fully Preselected and Image Free at All Times for Maximum Dynamic Range at Any Acquisition Bandwidth Fastest High-resolution Sweep Speed: 1 GHz sweep in 10 kHz RBW in less than 1 second Internal Preamp up to 20 GHz Discover DPX® Spectrum Processing provides an Intuitive Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals with Color-graded Displays based on Frequency of Occurrence Revolutionary DPX Displays Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.7 μs Swept DPX Spectrum enables Unprecedented Signal Discovery over Full Instrument Span Analyze Time-correlated Multidomain Displays for Quicker Understanding of Cause and Effect when Troubleshooting Power, Spectrum, and Statistics Measurements help you Characterize Components and Systems: Channel Power, ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, OBW/EBW, and Spur Search AM/FM/PM Modulation and Audio Measurements (Opt. 10) Phase Noise and Jitter Measurements (Opt. 11) Settling Time Measurements, Frequency, and Phase (Opt. 12) Pulse Measurements (Opt. 20) – Over 20 Vector and Scalar Parameters including Rise Time, Pulse Width, Pulse-to-Pulse Phase provide Deep Insight into Pulse Train Behavior General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis (Opt. 21) provides Vector Signal Analyzer Functionality for Over 20 Modulation Types Flexible OFDM analysis of 802.11a/g/j/p and WiMAX 802.16-2004 Applications Spectrum Management – Find Interference and Unknown Signals Radar/EW – Full Characterization of Pulsed and Hopping Systems Characterize Radar and Pulsed RF Signals RF Debug – Components, Modules, and Systems Radio/Satellite Communications – Analyze Time-variant Behavior of Cognitive Radio and Software-dened Radio Systems EMI Diagnostics – Increase Condence that Designs will Pass Compliance Testing

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 2

Data Sheet and Spurious measurements. Available Phase Noise and General Purpose Modulation Analysis measurements round out the expected set of high-performance analysis tools. But, just being a high-performance signal analyzer is not sufcient to meet the demands of today’s hopping, transient signals. Revolutionary DPX® spectrum display reveals transient signal behavior that helps you discover instability, glitches, and interference. Here, an infrequently occurring transient is seen in detail. The frequency of occurrence is color-graded, indicating the infrequent transient event in blue and...

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 3

Spectrum Analyzers — RSA6000 Series triggering when a frequency domain event lasts for a specied time. Runt triggers capture troublesome infrequent pulses that either turn on or turn off to an incorrect level, greatly reducing time to fault. DPX Density™ Trigger works on the measured frequency of occurrence or density of the DPX display. The unique Trigger On This™ function allows the user to simply point at the signal of interest on the DPX display, and a trigger level is automatically set to trigger slightly below the measured density level. You can capture low-level signals in the...

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 4

Data Sheet Analyze The RSA6000 Series offers analysis capabilities that advance productivity for engineers working on components or in RF system design, integration, and performance verication, or operations engineers working in networks, or spectrum management. In addition to spectrum analysis, spectrograms display both frequency and amplitude changes over time. Time-correlated measurements can be made across the frequency, phase, amplitude, and modulation domains. This is ideal for signal analysis that includes frequency hopping, pulse characteristics, modulation switching, settling time,...

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 5

Spectrum Analyzers — RSA6000 Series Time-correlated, multidomain views provide a new level of insight into design or operational problems not possible with conventional analysis solutions. Here, ACLR and Vector Modulation Quality (Opt. 21) are performed on a single acquisition, combined with the continuous monitoring of the DPX® spectrum display. Spurious Search – Up to 20 noncontiguous frequency regions can be dened, each with their own resolution bandwidth, video bandwidth, detector (peak, average, quasi-peak), and limit ranges. Test results can be exported in .CSV format to external...

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 6

Data Sheet Characteristics Frequency Related Characteristic Description Frequency Range Advanced Triggers and Swept DPX re-invents the way swept spectrum analysis is done, and is included in the base instrument. The DPX engine collects hundreds of thousands of spectrums per second over a 110 MHz bandwidth. Users can now sweep the DPX across the full input range of the RSA6000 Series, up to 20 GHz. In the time a traditional spectrum analyzer has captured one spectrum, the RSA6000 Series has captured orders of magnitude more spectrums. This new level of performance reduces the chance of...

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Spectrum Analyzers RSA6000 Series - 7

Spectrum Analyzers — RSA6000 Series Power Level Trigger Advanced Triggers Characteristic Description Characteristic Level Range Accuracy (for trigger levels >30 dB above noise oor, 10% to 90% of signal level) Trigger Bandwidth Range (at maximum acquisition BW) 0 dB to –100 dB from reference level DPX Density Trigger ±0.5 dB (level ≥ –50 dB from reference level) ±1.5 dB (from < –50 dB to –70 dB from reference level) 4 kHz to 20 MHz + wide open (standard) 11 kHz to 60 MHz + wide open (Opt. 110) Trigger Position Timing Uncertainty 40 MHz Acquisition Uncertainty = ±15 ns BW, 20 MHz BW...

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