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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 1

MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 Data Sheet Features & Benets Industry’s Fastest Analysis Engine enables Reduced Time to Insight, Rapid Development, Evaluation, Deployment, and Diagnostics of Next-generation DTV and IPTV Systems and Services A Wide Range of DTV Standards are Supported, including MPEG, DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and ISDB-TB (Brazil). Specic SI for Terrestrial, Cable, and Satellite, plus Regional Variations of these Standards are also Supported Range of Interfaces and Analysis Capabilities provide the Necessary Connectivity to Diagnose Problems Anywhere in the Network Environment, whether that be Transmission Links (RF or IP Layer) or Content Processing (TS Layer) Connect to both IP Version 4 and 6 Networks, including those using IGMP and MLD Multicast Protocols Respectively Analyze both Constant and Variable Bit Rate Streams (CBR and VBR)*1 Integrated Cross-layer Fault Analysis and Logging provides One-box Solution for Fault Diagnosis, Reducing Time to Insight when Troubleshooting Playout Functionality provides Stimulus with Parametric Capabilities and IP Multisession Replication to Characterize Behavior of Network or Device Under Test CaptureVu™ Technology Captures and Analyzes System Events in Real Time and Deferred Time to Debug the Intermittent and Complex Problems that Traditional Analyzers Miss Innovative Program-centric User Interface brings Expert Power to the Novice User H.264 Buffer Analysis, Multiplexing, and ES Compliance Checking provide the Most Powerful Suite of Tools for Creation and Analysis of Transport Streams containing H.264 Content Video and Audio Quality Analysis that Helps Distinguish between Impairments Resulting from Network Distribution versus Artifacts Resulting from Compression Try Before You Buy: Demo Versions of the TSCA, Multiplexer, and Buffer Analyzer are Available to Download

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 2

Data Sheet Applications Equipment Manufacturers – Research & Development CaptureVu™ Technology allows Rapid Isolation and Debugging of Equipment and System Faults High-performance Line Rate Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) IP Connectivity and Integrated Cross-layer Analysis enable Diagnosis of Complex Timing Problems in Video over IP and IPTV Network Equipment Multiplexer/Remultiplexer allows Flexible Test Stream Creation and Modication Rapid and In-depth Analysis of Selected Elements of Transport Streams to Conrm Functionality and Compliance to Standards Set-top Box Buffer Testing and Verication...

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 3

MPEG Test Systems — MTS4000 Carousel Analyzer Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer Transport Stream Compliance Analyzer (TSCA) The TSCA offers signicant enhancements over traditional software-based deferred-time (stored streams) MPEG analyzers. The combination of an innovative high-speed analysis engine and built-in intelligence, allows ultra-fast pinpointing and debugging of intermittent faults in MPEG Transport Streams used in next-generation DTV and IPTV systems and services. The TSCA also provides real-time analysis of Transport Streams received through the MTS4000’s stream interfaces,...

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 4

Data Sheet MPEG Player Playout (Transport Stream Generation) Multiplexer The Player tool provides a Transport Stream stimulus for a device under test through the ASI or IP stream interfaces. Continuous playout of looped streams is possible at up to maximum ASI rate of 214 Mb/s with automatic updating of time stamps. Playout rate can be automatically determined from le PCRs or manually set. Summary of MTS4000 Optional Tools Playout through the IP interface provides stimulus with parametric capabilities and multisession replication to characterize behavior of a network or device under test....

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 5

MPEG Test Systems — MTS4000 Buffer Analyzer Buffer Analyzer When developing professional and consumer equipment, particularly encoders and set-top boxes, the characteristics of the test streams being either generated or used as stimulus need to be ascertained. Of critical importance amongst these characteristics is adherence to the buffer model. That is, when the stream is processed by a receiver, will any of the internal buffers be caused to either under- or overow. Consequences of these conditions will be freeze frames and receiver resets. There are two types of buffer model; the one to...

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 6

Data Sheet MPEG-2 ES Analyzer MTS4EA MTS4EA ES Analyzer Whether developing a new CODEC chip, integrating a CODEC into professional or consumer equipment, or integrating different vendor’s equipment when rolling out new services, the ability to verify the compliance of an Elementary Stream is crucial. This tool checks for compliance of an Elementary Stream to either next-generation VC-1, AVC/H.264, and MPEG-4 standards, or legacy MPEG-2 and H.263. Audio decode and waveform display of MPEG-2 audio (ISO/IEC 13818 parts 3 and 7), AC-3, and MPEG-4 AAC are also supported. Comprehensive diagnostic...

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 7

MPEG Test Systems — MTS4000 Carousel Generator MTS4000 PQASW stream that allows operators to determine the source of a problem (content source, network distribution, etc.). Engineers can clearly see and validate the presence of impairments on the image using unique impairment displays that highlight the location and severity of video defects. In addition, audio diagnostics allow operators to analyze audio loudness related problems to the ITU-R BS.1770/1771 audio loudness standard. MTS4000 VQS1000 Carousel Generator The Carousel Generator product is used for creating object carousel contents...

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MPEG Test Systems MTS4000 - 8

Data Sheet Characteristics Interface Options Characteristics Platform Characteristics IP Video Interface (Option IPTV) Characteristic Description Characteristic Description Operating System Processor Hard Disk Drive Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit Intel i7 860 Quad-core CPU Two 500 GB SATA HDDs One for storing OS and SW applications, and one for storing Record and Playout les 4 GB DVD±RW Ethernet Ports Port Options 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-SX, LX, ZX Opt. IPTV Gigabit Ethernet Interface with 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 electrical port Optical SFP modules which plug into IP Video Card GE to provide...

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