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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 1

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B Series Datasheet Built-in context-sensitive help Multiple-language user interface Small footprint and lightweight - Only 4.9 in. (124 mm) deep and 4.4 lb. (2 kg) Connectivity USB 2.0 host port on the front panel for quick and easy data storage USB 2.0 device port on rear panel for easy connection to a PC Seeing signal details The TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features - including USB connectivity, 34 automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, frequency counter, TrendPlot™ and a contextsensitive help menu - the TBS1000B Series oscilloscopes helps you get more done, in less time. To properly analyze signals you need to make sure that you can see them in enough detail. The TBS1000B comes standard with a 7-inch high resolution TFT display for a clear view of all of your signals and critical on screen information. The instrument is further enhanced by a user interface inspired by the award winning Tektronix MSO/DPO series of instruments. The interface is easy to use, provides quick access to all of the oscilloscope functions and includes a high resolution "Pan & Zoom" feature enabling you to see even more signal details of up to 10 times normal resolution. Key performance specifications 200MHz, 150 MHz, 100 MHz, 70 MHz, 50 MHz, and 30 MHz 1 bandwidth models 2-channel models Up to 2 GS/s sample rate on all channels 2.5k point record length on all channels Advanced triggers including pulse and line-selectable video triggers Key features 7 inch WVGA (800X480) Active TFT Color Display 34 automated measurements The zoom function shows details in an event of up to 10X the normal view. Dual window FFT, simultaneously monitors both the time and frequency domains Built-in waveform limit and TrendPlot™ testing Dual channel frequency counter Zoom Function Automated, extended data logging feature Autoset and auto-ranging functions 30 MHz model available only in North America and Europe.

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 2

Digital precision for accurate measurements With up to 200 MHz bandwidth, 2 GS/s maximum sample rate and 3% vertical measurement accuracy the TBS1000B allows you to see the details of your signals. With the Tektronix proprietary sampling technology there are no compromises, you will get the stated real-time sampling rate on all channels, all the time with at least of 10X oversampling. The sampling performance is not reduced when changing horizontal settings or when using multiple channels, enabling you to see the true characteristics of your See all the details other oscilloscopes might...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 3

TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Extensive monitoring and analysis tools Intermittent faults can be hard to evaluate, simply because they do not repeat often making them difficult to capture. The TrendPlot™ function helps find those faults by plotting measurement values over long periods of time. Select the measurement to capture on either or both channels and then set-up the oscilloscope to continuously monitor those measurements, plot the data on the display and simultaneously save the information to a USB thumb drive. Depending on the oscilloscope setting, you'll be able to capture...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 4

Help when you need it, where you need it The built-in Help menu provides you with important information about your oscilloscope's features and functions. Help is provided in the same languages as the user interface. utomatic Measurements You can use the Measure menu to set up automatic measurements of times and voltages, The oscilloscope can display up to five different measurements When you take automatic measurements, the oscilloscope does all the calculating for you. Because these measurements use the waveform record points, they are more accurate than <graticule> or <cursor>...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 5

TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscopes All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise. Model overview Vertical system - Analog channels Vertical resolution 8 bits Input sensitivity range 2 mV to 5 V/div on all models with calibrated fine adjustment DC gain accuracy ±3%, from 10 mV/div to 5 V/div Maximum input voltage 300 VRMS CAT II; derated at 20 dB/decade above 100 kHz to 13 Vp.p AC at 3 MHz and above Offset range 2 mV to 200 mV/div: ±1.8 V Input impedance 1 MQ in parallel with 20 pF Vertical zoom Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform Horizontal system —...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 6

Datasheet Input/Output ports USB interface USB host port on front panel supports USB flash drives USB device port on back of instrument supports connection to PC and all PictBridge®-compatible printers GPIB interface Data storage Nonvolatile storage Reference waveform display 2.5K point reference waveforms Waveform storage without USB flash drive Maximum USB flash drive size 64 GB Waveform storage with USB flash drive 96 or more reference waveforms per 8 MB Setups without USB flash drive Setups with USB flash drive 4000 or more front-panel setups per 8 MB Screen images with USB flash 128 or...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 7

TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Waveform measurements Cursors Types Amplitude, Time Automatic measurements Period, Frequency, Pos Width, Neg Width, Rise Time, Fall Time, Maximum , Minimum , Peak-Peak, Mean, RMS, Cycle RMS, Cursor RMS, Phase, Pos Pulse Cnt, Neg Pulse Cnt, Rise Edge Cn, Fall Edge Cn, Pos Duty, Neg Duty, Amplitude, Cycle Mean, Cursor Mean, Burst Width, Pos Overshoot, Neg Overshoot, Area, Cycle Area, High, Low, Delay RR, Delay RF, Delay FR, Delay FF Waveform math Arithmetic Math functions Windows: Hanning, Flat Top, Rectangular 2048 sample points Autoset Autoset menu...

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 8

Datasheet Display system Interpolation Waveform styles Dots, vectors Power source Power source voltage Power source frequency 100 V to 240 V Power consumption Physical characteristics Dimensions Instrument only ...with accessories Shipping dimensions

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Digital Storage Oscilloscopes TBS1000B - 9

TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Environmental Temperature Operating Humidity Operating and nonoperating Altitude Operating and nonoperating Regulatory Electromagnetic compatibility Meets Directive 2004/108/EC, EN 61326-2-1 Class A; Australian EMC Framework

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