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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300


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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 1

Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope The DSA8300 is a state-of-the-art Equivalent Time Sampling Oscilloscope that provides the highest fidelity measurement and analysis capabilities for Communications Signal Analysis, Serial Data Network Analysis, and Serial Data Link Analysis applications. Features & Benefits Highest Fidelity Signal Capture ■ Very Low Time-base Jitter - 425 fs Typical on up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Channels <200 fs Typical on up to 6 Channels with 82A04 Phase Reference ■ Best Vertical Resolution -16 bit A/D - Electrical Resolution: <20 |JV LSB (for 1 Vfull range) - Optical Resolution depends on the Dynamic Range of the Optical Module - Ranges from <20 nW for the 80C07B (1 mW full range) to Flexible Configurations ■ With Today's Sampling Module Portfolio, the DSA8300 supports up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Signals ■ A Wide Variety of Optical, Electrical, and Accessory Modules to support your Specific Testing Requirements - Fully Integrated Optical Modules that support all Standard Optical Data Rates from 155 Mb/s to 100 Gb/s - Certified Optical Reference Receivers Support Specified Requirements for Standards-mandated Compliance Testing - High Optical Sensitivity and Low Noise as well as the Wide Dynamic Range of the Optical Sampling Modules allows Accurate Testing and Characterization of Short-reach to Long-haul Optical Communications - Fully Calibrated Clock Recovery Solutions - No need to manually calibrate for data pick-off losses Calibrated Extinction Ratio Measurements ensure Repeatability of Extinction Ratio Measurements to <0.5 dB among Systems with Modules with this Factory Calibration Option - Very Low-noise Electrical Samplers (280 |JV at 20 GHz, 450 |JV at - Selectable Bandwidths (with 80E07, 08, 09,10) allow the User to Trade-off Sampler Bandwidth and Noise for Optimal Data Acquisition - Remote Samplers (80E07,08,09,10) or Compact Sampling Extender Module Cables support Minimal Signal Degradation by allowing the Sampler to be Located in Close Proximity to the Device Under Test - World's Highest-performance Integrated TDR (10 ps typical step rise time) supports Exceptional Impedance Discontinuity Characterization and High Dynamic Range for S-parameter Measurements to 50 GHz ■ Standard Analysis Capabilities - Complete Suite of over 120 Automated Measurements for NRZ, RZ, and Pulse Signal Types - Automated Mask Testing with over 80 Industry-standard Masks. New Masks can be Imported into the DSA8300 to support New Emerging Standards. In Addition, Users can Define their own Masks for Automated Mask Testing - Vertical and Horizontal Histograms for Statistical Analysis of Acquired - Vertical, Horizontal, and Waveform Cursors (with measurements) ■ Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis is provided through the 80SJNB Basic and Advanced Software Application Options ■ Advanced TDR Analysis, S-parameter Measurements, Simulation Model Extraction, and Serial Link Simulation Capabilities are provided through the IConnect® Software Application Options High Test Throughput ■ High Sample Acquisition Rate up to 300 kS/s per channel ■ Efficient Programmatic Interface (IEEE-488, Ethernet, or local processor access) enable High Test Throughput

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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 2

File Edit View Setup Utilities Applications Help | 0 Waveforms #Acqs 0 of 51 O S EU SI El @ lRun/St°P Zj\ Trig Iciodt/Prescale -| Mode [Eye__- S IConneetS and MeasureXtractor(TM)* - JCrosstalLwfv* - Frequency Domain] j Optical Eye Diagram Testing 100.0mV/div jgJl ; 250.0mV jj¡j)| ^ | M| -1 1.11420ns/div J¡¡ ; 41.11398ns Jj]j| ^ [J] 3:37 PM 5/16/2011 Passive Interconnect Test ■ Design/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Components and Systems ■ Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI/IEEE/SONET/SDH Compliance ■ High-performance True-differential TDR Measurements ■ Impedance Characterization and...

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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 3

Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope — DSA8300 Superior Performance with Extraordinary Versatility The DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer is the most versatile tool for developing and testing communications, computers, and consumer electronics which utilize multi-gigabit data transmission. It is used for optical and electrical transmitter characterization as well as compliance verication for devices, modules, and systems used in these products. your application now and in the future. With 6 module slots, the DSA8300 can simultaneously accommodate a Clock Recovery module, a precision...

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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 4

Datasheet Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis 80SJNB Jitter and Noise Analysis Measurements High-speed serial data link measurements and analysis are supported with three software solutions: 80SJARB, 80SJNB Essentials, and 80SJNB Advanced.*2 Measurement Description TJ at BER J2 J9 RJ RJ(h) RJ(v) RJ(d-d) DJ DDJ DDPWS DCD DJ(d-d) PJ PJ(h) PJ(v) EO at BER BUJ NPJ SSCMagnitude SSCFrequency Total jitter at specied BER Total jitter for BER = 2.5e–3 Total jitter for BER = 2.5e–10 Random jitter Horizontal component of random jitter Vertical component of random jitter Random jitter...

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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 5

Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope — DSA8300 TDR (Time Domain Reectometry) Applications The DSA8300 is the industry’s highest-performance fully integrated Time Domain Reectometry (TDR) measurement system. Offering true-differential TDR measurements up to 50 GHz bandwidth with 15 ps reected rise time and 12 ps incident rise time*3, the DSA8300 enables you to keep pace with today’s most demanding Serial Data Network Analysis (SDNA) requirements. The 80E10 and 80E08 TDR modules feature a fully integrated independent dual-channel 2-meter remote sampler system to minimize xturing and...

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Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 - 6

Datasheet IConnect® Signal Integrity TDR and S-parameter Software Operating on the DSA8300 TDR platform, IConnect® S-parameters is the most cost-effective and highest throughput approach for S-parameter measurements in digital design, signal integrity analysis, and interconnect compliance testing, providing as much as 50% cost savings compared to similar bandwidth VNAs, and dramatically speeding up measurements. You can also take advantage of the IConnect® S-parameters command-line interface, which automates the S-parameter measurements to the overall suite of manufacturing tests you...

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