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4 Series MSO - 1

4 Series MSO Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Datasheef

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4 Series MSO - 2

Strength in numbers Input channels • 4 or 6 FlexChannel® inputs • Each FlexChannel provides: One analog signal that can be displayed as a waveform view, a spectrum view 1 or both simultaneously Eight digital logic inputs with TLP058 logic probe Bandwidth (all analog channels) • 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 1.5 GHz (upgradable) Sample rate (all analog / digital channels) • Real-time: 6.25 GS/s Record length (all analog / digital channels) • 31.25 Mpoints standard (62.5 Mpoints optional upgrade) Waveform capture rate • >500,000 waveforms/s Vertical resolution • 12-bit ADC • Up to 16-bits...

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4 Series MSO - 3

4 Series MSO Never let a lack of channels slow down your verification and debug process again! The 4 Series MSO offers better visibility into complex systems by offering four and six channel models with a 13.3-inch high-definition (1,920 x 1,080) display. Many applications, such as embedded systems, three-phase power electronics, automotive electronics, power supply design, and DC-toDC power converters, require the observation of more than four analog signals to verify and characterize device performance, and to debug challenging system issues. With a six FlexChannel model, you can...

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4 Series MSO - 4

Channel 2 has a TLP058 Logic Probe connected to the eight inputs of a DAC. Notice the green and blue color coding, where ones are green and zeros are blue. Another TLP058 Logic Probe on Channel 3 is probing the SPI bus driving the DAC. The white edges indicate higher frequency information is available by either zooming in or moving to a faster sweep speed on the next acquisition. Beyond just analog and digital, FlexChannel inputs include Spectrum View. This Tektronix-patented technology enables you to simultaneously view both analog and spectral views of all your analog signals, with...

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4 Series MSO - 5

4 Series MSO Unprecedented signal viewing capability The stunning 13.3-inch (338 mm) display in the 4 Series MSO is the largest display in its class. It is also the highest resolution display, with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080), enabling you to see many signals at once with ample room for critical readouts and analysis. The viewing area is optimized to ensure that the maximum vertical space is available for waveforms. The Results Bar on the right can be hidden, enabling the waveform view to use the full width of the display. Stacked display mode enables easy visibility of all waveforms...

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4 Series MSO - 6

Viewing three analog channels, eight digital channels, a decoded serial bus waveform, decoded serial packet results table, four measurements, a measurement histogram, measurements results table with statistics and a search on serial bus events - simultaneously! Exceptionally easy-to-use user interface lets you focus on the task at hand The Settings Bar - key parameters and waveform management Waveform and scope operating parameters are displayed in a series of “badges” in the Settings Bar that runs along the bottom of the display. The Settings Bar provides Immediate access for the most...

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4 Series MSO - 7

4 Series MSO Touch interaction finally done right Scopes have included touch screens for years, but the touch interface has been an afterthought. The 4 Series MSO's display includes a capacitive touchscreen and provides the industry's first oscilloscope user interface truly designed for touch. The touch interactions that you use with phones and tablets, and expect in a touch enabled device, are supported in the 4 Series MSO. Drag waveforms left/right or up/down to adjust horizontal and vertical position or to pan a zoomed view Pinch and expand to change scale or zoom in/out in either...

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4 Series MSO - 8

Variable font size Historically, oscilloscope user interfaces have been designed with fixed font sizes to optimize viewing of waveforms and readouts. This implementation is fine if all users have the same viewing preferences, but they don't. Users spend a significant amount of time staring at screens, and Tektronix recognizes this. The 4 Series MSO offers a user preference for variable font sizes; scaling down to 12 points or up to 20 points. As you adjust the font size, the user interface dynamically scales so you can easily choose the best size for your application. Manual, Analyze...

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4 Series MSO - 9

4 Series MSO Attention to detail in the front-panel controls Traditionally, the front face of a scope has been roughly 50% display and 50% controls. The 4 Series MSO display fills about 75% of the face of the instrument. To achieve this, it has a streamlined front panel that retains critical controls for simple intuitive operation, but with a reduced number of menu buttons for functions directly accessed via objects on the display. Color-coded LED light rings indicate trigger source and vertical scale/ position knob assignments. Large, dedicated Run/ Stop and Single Sequence buttons are...

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4 Series MSO - 10

A new High Res mode applies a hardware-based unique Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter based on the selected sample rate. The FIR filter maintains the maximum bandwidth possible for that sample rate while preventing aliasing and removing noise from the oscilloscope amplifiers and ADC above the usable bandwidth for the selected sample rate. High Res mode always provides at least 12 bits of vertical resolution and extends all the way to 16 bits of vertical resolution at ≤125 MS/s sample rates. With up to a 62.5 Mpoint record length, you can capture many events of interest, even thousands of...

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4 Series MSO - 11

By triggering only on the most important signal events, Visual Trigger can save hours of capturing and manually searching through acquisitions. In seconds or minutes, you can find the critical events and complete your debug and analysis efforts. Visual Trigger even works across multiple channels, extending its usefulness to complex system troubleshooting and debug tasks. TekVPI Probe Interface ® The TekVPI probe interface sets the standard for ease of use in probing. In addition to the secure, reliable connection that the interface provides, many TekVPI probes feature status indicators and...

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