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3 Series MDO - 1

Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes The largest display. The greatest instrumentation value The richest experience.

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3 Series MDO - 2

Typical applications • 2 and 4 analog channel models ■ Embedded design and loT • 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz bandwidth models • Bandwidth is upgradable (up to 1 GHz) • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate • 10 M record length on all channels • >280,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate • Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 250 MHz, 500 MHz or 1 GHz analog bandwidth • Spectrum Analyzer Frequency range: 9 kHz - 1 GHz (standard) or 3 GHz (optional) Ultra-wide capture bandwidth up to 3 GHz • Arbitrary Function Generator (optional) 13 predefined waveform types...

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3 Series MDO - 3

The next generation of oscilloscopes 3 Series MDO up to 1 GHz 8 bits 11.6" HD TekVPI Bandwidth Vertical Resolution Display Inputs Advanced Analysis 4 Series MSO up to 1.5 GHz 12 bits 13.3" HD FlexChannel / TekVPI 5 Series MSO up to 2 GHz 12 bits 15.6" HD FlexChannel / TekVPI Compliance / Jitter / Windows OS 6 Series MSO up to 8 GHz 12 bits 15.6" HD FlexChannel / TekVPI Compliance / Jitter / Windows OS

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3 Series MDO - 4

Datasheet Exceptionally easy-to-use user interface lets you focus on the task at hand The Settings Bar - key parameters and waveform management Waveform and scope operating parameters are displayed in a series of badges in the Settings Bar that runs along the bottom of the display. The Settings Bar provides immediate access for the most common waveform management tasks. With a single tap, you can: Turn on channels Add math waveforms Add reference waveforms Add bus waveforms Enable 16 digital channels MSO Enable the Spectrum Analyzer Enable the integrated Arbitrary/Function generator (AFG)...

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3 Series MDO - 5

3 Series MDO Powerful Waveform Capture and Analysis At the core of the 3 Series MDO is a world-class oscilloscope, offering comprehensive tools that speed each stage of debug – from quickly discovering anomalies and capturing them, to searching your waveform record for events of interest and analyzing their characteristics and your device’s behavior. Digital phosphor technology with FastAcq™ highspeed waveform capture To debug a design problem, first you must know it exists. Every design engineer spends time looking for problems in their design, a timeconsuming and frustrating task without...

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3 Series MDO - 6

Basic waveform analysis and automated measurements Verifying that your prototype's performance matches simulations and meets the project's design goals requires careful analysis, ranging from simple checks of rise times and pulse widths to sophisticated power loss analysis, characterization of system clocks, and investigation of noise sources. The 3 Series MDO offers a comprehensive set of standard analysis tools including: • Basic waveform math • Basic FFT analysis • Advanced waveform math with equation editor Measurement results tables provide comprehensive statistical views of...

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3 Series MDO - 7

3 Series MDO Easy navigation and search Finding your event of interest in a long waveform record can be time consuming without the right search tools. With today's record lengths of many millions of data points, locating your event can mean scrolling through literally thousands of screens of signal activity. The 3 Series MDO offers the industry's most comprehensive search and waveform navigation with its innovative on-screen controls. These controls speed panning and zooming through your record. Use intuitive pinch/ expand gestures on the display or the multipurpose knobs to investigate...

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3 Series MDO - 8

Datasheet Comprehensive power analysis (optional) Ever increasing consumer demands for longer battery-life devices and for green solutions that consume less power require power-supply designers to characterize and minimize switching losses to improve efficiency. In addition, the supply’s power levels, output purity, and harmonic feedback into the power line must be characterized to comply with national and regional power quality standards. Historically, making these and many other power measurements on an oscilloscope has been a long, manual, and tedious process. The 3 Series MDO optional...

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3 Series MDO - 9

3 Series MDO Spectrogram The 3 Series MDO includes a spectrogram display which is ideal for monitoring slowly changing RF phenomena. The x-axis represents frequency, just like a typical spectrum display. However, the y-axis represents time, and color is used to indicate amplitude. Spectrogram slices are generated by taking each spectrum and "flipping it up on its edge" so that it's one pixel row tall, and then assigning colors to each pixel based on the amplitude at that frequency. Cold colors (blue, green) are low amplitude and hotter colors (yellow, red) are higher amplitude. Each new...

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3 Series MDO - 10

Datasheet RF measurements The 3 Series MDO includes three automated RF measurements - Channel Power, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio, and Occupied Bandwidth. When one of these RF measurements is activated, the oscilloscope automatically turns on the Average spectrum trace and sets the detection method to Average for optimal measurement results. The integrated function generator provides output of predefined waveforms up to 50 MHz for sine, square, pulse, ramp/triangle, DC, noise, sin(x)/x (Sinc), Gaussian, Lorentz, exponential rise/fall, Haversine and cardiac. Waveform type selection in the...

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3 Series MDO - 11

3 Series MDO Digital Channels (optional) The logic analyzer (option 3-MSO) provides 16 digital channels which are tightly integrated into the oscilloscope's user interface. This simplifies operation and makes it possible to solve mixed-signal issues easily. Once a group is formed, you can position all the channels contained in that group collectively. This greatly reduces the normal setup time associated with positioning channels individually MagniVu™ high-speed acquisition The main digital acquisition mode on the 3 Series MDO will capture up to 10 M at 500 MS/s (2 ns resolution). In...

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3 Series MDO - 12

Serial bus technologies supported by the 3 Series MDO Serial Protocol Triggering and Analysis (optional) On a serial bus, a single signal often includes address, control, data, and clock information. This can make isolating events of interest difficult. Automatic trigger, decode, and search on bus events and conditions gives you a robust set of tools for debugging serial buses. The optional serial protocol triggering and analysis functionality is offered free for a 30-day trial period. This free trial period starts automatically when the instrument is powered on for the first time....

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