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Astra-517Optic-Electronic PIR Motion Detector (Volumetric Lens)User Instructions Sales, Warranty Service and Technical Support: TEKO-TD Prospekt Pobedy str. 19 420138 Kazan, Russia +7(843) 528-03-69 Made in Russia Rev. 517-v1 0 instr EN 1 FUNCTION Detector is intended to detect unauthorized access into closed protected area, and to generate an alarm notification by opening of signaling relay contacts. 2 DETECTION ZONE Without moisture condensation 4 DELIVERY SET Delivery set includes: dowel - 2 pcs., screw - 2 pcs., bracket - 1 pcs. 5 OPERATING MODE

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6 SELECTING INSTALLATION PLACE 1) Recommended installation height is 2.2-2.4 m. 2) Install detector on bearing walls and carriers. 3) Alarm loop and power supply wires should be located far from power cables. To eliminate false alarm hazards It is recommended to close all doors, air-vents, switch off fans, air-conditioners and other sources of intense air flows in the room during protection period. Not recommended installation places Detector base should be positioned strictly as per figure! 3c) Installation using bracket 7 INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1) Remove cover 4) Replace PCB and perform...

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