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teem PHOTONICS FOR YOUR APPLICATION, FIND YOUR PULSED LASER SOLUTION KEY FEATURES • Repetition rate 70kHz and up to 100kHz • 1064 and 532 nm • Ultrashort pulses down to 500ps • Excellent beam quality - TEM00, M2<1.1 • Efficient, air-cooled, very compact Teem Photonics is further extending the PicoOne range with new 532nm versions now available with more energy per pulse. APPLICATIONS • Lidar • Material processing • Seeder for higher power laser • Analytics & Instrumentation • Biophotonics All information contained herein is believed to be accurate and is subject to change without notice. Teem Photonics www.teemphotonics.com may not be held liable for its use. Teem Photonics, its subsidiaries and affiliates, reserve the right to modify or withdraw, at any time and without any notice, specifications, product design, product component. Some options may not be available for all products. Please contact Teem Photonics for details. August 18

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