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To meet your needs Faithfulness, Quality and Speed Infrared Thermometers For professionals who need to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, the Tecpel® Infrared Thermometer offers simple, quick, and accurate surface temperature measurement at the trigger of a button . Response time Frequency band Laser Power Product Size DIT-515K Infrared thermometer With K Type Thermocouple Learn Emissivity with DIT-515K thermometer. Emissivity is a difficult concept for general user to catch; For DIT-515K thermometer , it's easy to get. Use the contact thermometer to get the true temperature. Then, use the Non-contact to get the surface temperature. Adjust the Emissivity until they are the same. Next time, use the correct Emissivity for that object. No more guess work, no more looking up on Emissivity Table. Description IRT + Laser + Thermocouple socket Measurement range -60~500°C ( -76 to 932 °F ) Full Range Accuracy ±2% of reading or 2°C (4°F) Distance: Spot 12:1 Mode Ave, Dif, Hi/Low Alarm, Real Time Max / Min, Lock Thermocouple Probe Small Socket, K type, 12 minutes auto power off Measurement Range -60~1400°C (-83.2~1999°F) Probe Accuracy ±1% of reading or 1°C(1.8°F) whichever is greater (Test under Temp. ambient=23±6°C) Infrared Thermometer for Food Cooking Clearly indicate the Food is under a dangerous(4~60°C/40~140°F) or safe zone. 2 in1 design: Infrared + Foldable Thermocouple Probe. IP65 Protection. IR-SoC technology (Infrared System on Chip) and Batch Calibration technology drive the dimensions and cost to the lowest limits. Dual Display. Zone Display Description IRT + Probe IP Classification IP 65 Measurement range -55~250°C( -67~482°F) Infrared Accuracy (Tobj=0~ 65°C): +/-1°C Thermocouple Accuracy below -5 :+/-1°C,-5~ 65 : +/-0.5°C,above 65 :+/-1% of reading Distance: Spot 2.5:1 Mode Max, Min, Lock, Food Code Zone Display Bright White LED as pointer

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