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Basic accuracy: 0.5% for Resistance 0.7% for Inductance, Capacitance Dual Displays provide quick tested results readouts, with L.C.R. Display values up to 19999 counts and Q.D.R. display values up to 9999 counts Excellent resolutions: Resistance up to 0.001 Inductance Capacitance up to 0.1uH/0.1pF Provided up to 4 testing parameters: Auto-Power Off function: Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp) Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp) To conserve battery life for longer use. Fuse detection function: To inform that the fuse is open or damaged. PC communication port: > Measurement rate: Approx. 1 time per second, nominal. Display: L\C\R 4 digits, maximum reading of 19999. Q\D\R Power Requirement: (1). Single standard 9-volt battery. (NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22 006P) (2). External DC Adapter 12Vmim to 15Vmax / 50mA. (optional) 4 digits, maximum reading of 9999. (Auto range). Parameter Measurement: Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp) Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp) Overload Protection: 0.1A/250V fast below fuse. Overload: "OL" is display. Test Frequency: 1KHz and 120Hz. Dimensions: Weight: 365g. (including accessories) 192mm(H) x 91mm(W) x 52.5mm(D). Range Mode: Auto and Manual. Auto Power Off: The meter key switch inactive for more than 5 minutes, press power key to resume operation. >

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