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OS-1022 / OS-2062 2 Channel ◎ Hand-held oscilloscope and multi-meter ◎ 20MHz, 100 MS/s, 2-channel oscilloscope (OS-1022) ◎ 60MHz, 250 MS/s, 2-channel oscilloscope (OS-2062) ◎ 3.7” color TFT display (640 x 480) ◎ Autoscale & FFT functions, plus 20 automatic measurements ◎ 6-hour Li-ion battery (field replaceable) Specification OS-1022 Sample Rate ( Real time ) Horizontal Scale(S/div) 60MHz 100MS/s Bandwidth OS-2062 20MHz Model Name 250MS/s 5ns/div100s/div step by 12.55 Rise time (at input, typical) Display Channels ◎ USB flash storage / USB connection to PC (cables included) ◎ Hard carry case with all probes and accessories ◎ CD-ROM and User Guide included 5ns/div100s/div step by 125 ≤17.5ns ≤5.8ns 3.7 inch color display with TFT panel (640×480 pixels, 65535 colors) Dual Input impedance 1MΩ±2%in parallel with 20pF±3pF Record length Max. 6000 points on each channel Interpolation Probe attenuation factor Input coupling DC accuracy (Average) (sin x)/x 2-channel 1X10X100X1000X Hard carry DC, AC, GND Average>16:±(5% reading+0.05div) for V Vertical Sensitivity 5mV/div5V/div (at input) Vertical resolution (A/D) 8 bit(2 channels simultaneously ) Max. Input Voltage 400V (PK-PK) (DC + AC PK-PK, 1MΩ input impedance, Probe attenuation 10:1) Trigger Type Edge, Video, Alternate Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, Single Trigger level Rise time Pulse Fall time ±6 divisions from screen center Acquisition modes Sample, Peak Detect and Average DC gain accuracy ±3% Vpp,Vavg,RMS,Frequency,Period,Vmax,Vmin,Vtop, Vbase,Width,Overshoot,Preshoot,Risetime,Falltime, +Width,-Width,+Duty,-Duty, Delay A→B Automatic Measurement Waveform math , , ×, ÷, FFT Waveform storage There are three triggering modes including Edge triggering, Video triggering and Alternat ing triggering. Each trigger mode is set by different function menu. 4 waveforms Address: 4F.-1,No.225,Sec.3,Heping E. Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei 11056,Taiwan. TEL: 886-2-27375866 FAX: 886-2-27373343 E-Mail: sales@tecpel.com

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