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DeepWave system radio temperature sensor with long distance data transmission, with high resolution OLED display and 4-button control keypad. The batteries are user replaceable and the temperature sensor is internal. Accredia traceable certificate may be requested. Applications Main features • Temperature data logger with long distance radio transmission (up to 3 km in open field) • 0.91 "OLED display • 4-button keypad for configuration and diagnostics • User replaceable batteries • Can be calibrated (ISO certificate on request) Plus • Easy to install and configure • It covers long transmission distances • Validatable DeepWave system The system The data logger is part of the DeepWave system consisting of: • DeepWave radio modules (Lo.Ra. nodes) • Helios receiver (Lo.Ra. gateway) • TSLog 21 software Accessories • TSLog 21 • Helios - LoRa Gateway • Surface Support for DeepWave Node • Wall Mounting support for DeepWave Node

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