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Delta TM3P TESTING MODULES FOR LEAK TESTS BY ABSOLUTE PRESSURE DECAY • Leak tests up to 20 bar and in vacuum • Resolution up to 0.1 Pa (0.001 mbar) • Pneumatic and electronic circuits completely intergrated • Reduction of the test time • Easy to install and use • Digital interface for PLC • RS485/USB communication interfaces • 300 test programs DESCRIPTION DELTA TM3P pneumatic modules dimensions, making it possible to fit the DELTA TM3P pneumatic modules can are the best solution to integrate a module in every automation, as close reliable and compact testing station in as possible to the product to be tested, every PLC and interfaced to operator automated systems. reducing unncecessary volumes and The absence of display or push-buttons increasing the speed and sensitivity of ABSOLUTE PRESSURE DECAY The testing cycle is based on the obstructions in the component being or strength tests (burst tests) you pressure decay measured inside of the tested by measuring the counter can set up customized testing cycles. component being tested, which must pressure generated by the passage Furthermore, if the electronic pressure be below the set limit to pass the test. of air through the component being Blockage test is used to check for tested. For tests on sealed products customized filling ramps. DELTA TM3 can be interfaced with: • SOFTWARE MANAGER

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DeltaTM3P SPECIFICATIONS DC Power Supply Unlubricated, filtered (5 µm) and dry air compliant with Standard ISO 8573-1 PV Pilot pressure for internal valves: 300 ÷ 1000 kPa Sensor Calibration Remote control software procedure Pressure Regulator External, optional 4 LEDs: two yellow (test phases), green (passed), red (failed) Test Counters: PASSED and FAILED totals, resettable to zero Life Counters Programmable parameters 300 testing tables, general testing parameters 2 (+ 3 optional) not programmable Input , 24 Vcc, 0.7 A max 4 not programmable Output , 24 Vcc, 0.7 A max 1 port USB-Device...

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