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INSTRUMENT FOR MASS FLOW TEST AND LEAK TEST BY ABSOLUTE PRESSURE DECAY • Flow measurement with mass sensor: ranges up 300 l/min resolution up to 0.01 cm3/min • Leak test with measure of pressure decay: full scale range up to 6 bar resolution up to 0.1 Pa • 300 test programs • 300 test sequences • Digital I/O interfaces • USB, RS232/RS485 serial lines for PC, Ethernet, Profinet DESCRIPTION Provaset T3LPF is an electro- The touch interface, with colour display The control of external automations, pneumatic instrument, designed for air and real-time view of testing, make the interface with barcode, Qrcode flow tests at a programmed pressure, readers and printers and the possibility controlled by an electronic pressure to record the tests on USB memories regulator. In addition to flow testing, or via Ethernet make it a complete the instrument is able to perform also in all industrial segments, on testing and suitable instrument for the most leak tests with absolute pressure decay benches, production lines or fully modern production methods. automatic systems. DIRECT FLOW MEASUREMENT The instrument directly controls and measures the pressure and flow rate of the product being tested (filters, valves, cooktops, exhaust manifolds ...). The test can be performed at constant flow. LEAK TEST BY ABSOLUTE PRESSURE DECAY The test cycle is based on the measuring of the pressure decay inside the component being tested, which must be below the set limit to pass the test. With the electronic pressure regulator is possible to set up customized filling ramps. CALIBRATION SERVICE Each equipment is accompanied by a calibration report released by Tecna. According to the requirements of ISO9001 standard, calibration must be verified at specified intervals against national or international test masters.Tecna and Marposs, through specialized personnel and certified instruments, offers a complete scheduled calibration

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Provaset T3LPF SPECIFICATIONS Power supply Dry, non-condensing, 5-micron filtered and oil-free air, compliant with ISO8573-1 Calibration Reports or Certificates Software-guided procedure with sample instruments. Pressure Regulator Electronic, with dedicated pressure transducer to visualize the regulated pressure on the display; alternatively manual regulator 7” colour TFT LCD display with resistive touchscreen 4 LED lights (testing phases, pass/reject outcome) Test counter Passed and Rejected totals, resettable to zero Audible alarm Built-in beeper with programmable duration Programmable...

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