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Leak Tester Control PRESSURE CALIBRATOR AND LEAK SIMULATOR • Full scale pressure up to 40 bar Full scale vacuum: -900 mbar Full scale flow: from 50 cm³/min to 950 cm³/min 6 selectable pressure scales Digital thermometer Relative humidity sensor Digital chronometer DESCRIPTION The instruments of the LTC Leak Tester Control line are designed to control the efficiency of the equipment used for leak testing. They can also be used as pressure calibrators to verify and certify the equipment’s pressure measurements. Moreover, they can periodically be used as leak simulators to check whether the testing equipment can recognize and REJECT a leak with a given value in cm3/min or cm3/h on the tested products. Through the LTC instruments, the user can document and certify the performances of their testing equipment according to ISO9001. LTC instruments help the user to choose more easily which testing parameters have to be programmed on the testing instruments. OPERATING PRINCIPLE The LTC instrument is connected in derivation between the testing equipmewwnt and the object being tested with the provided quick-coupling Staubli® “T” fitting. The operator can adjust the leak flow through a manual needle valve or enable/disable the simulated leak by simply pressing a button on the LCD display. The internal pressure sensor measures the line pressure, the flow sensor measures the actual value of the leak adjusted through the needle valve. The LTC instrument shows both the test pressure and the leak flow on the display. By simulating a specified leak, the operator can check the testing equipment’s efficiency and the correct programming of test parameters. By running a testing cycle with the inserted leak, the operator can check whether the equipment is actually able to detect and REJECT the component being

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LTC SPECIFICATIONS Rechargeable battery External power supply Standard: universal adaptor with USB output, 5 Vdc, 1 A, USB cable Leak regulation Manual needle valve and insertion solenoid valve for the simulated leak Inner volume Digital thermometer Relative humidity sensor Resolution: 0.1% RH; precision +/- 5% RH Keyboard Resistive touchscreen, on/off button 3.5" colour TFT LCD display with touchscreen Data interfaces USB Host: data collection and storage (option) Staubli® connector Staubli® RBE03 coupling for the connection to the test instrument. "T" fitting for Ø 6x4 mm piping; central...

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