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TESTING EQUIPMENT WITH DIRECT FLOW MEASUREMENT FOR LEAK AND/OR FLOW RATE TESTING PASSED test equipment itecna FAST AND VERSATILE HIGH PRECISION RELIABLE EASY TO USE • Flow tests up to 50 cm3/min, 20 l/min, 200 l/min • Resolution up to 0.01 cm3/min • 2 selectable flow units: cm3/min or cm3/h • Full scale pressure: 500 mbar/ 2 bar/ 6 bar with 10 Pa resolution • 5 selectable pressure units • Automatic compensation of measured flow to the rated pressure • Quick tests for filters, valves, mufflers • 16 test tables • Selectable message language Delta F is an electropneumatic instrument designed for leak and flow rate tests at programmed pressure. Air pressure is regulated by a manual, high precision pressure regulator or by an electronic regulator with automated control. Delta F can be managed manually by an operator or automatically, via PLC with digital inputs and outputs or remotely via a PC with serial interface. This model is suitable for use in all industrial segments, on testing benches, production lines or fully automated systems. DELTA F instruments are designed for quick tests, by measuring the flow rate of air through the product being tested at a well-defined pressure. A bypass circuit allows for a quick product filling phase to the programmed test pressure, even with large volumes. To easily compensate the pressure drop due to the flow of air through the connection hose, the pressure transducer can be directly connected to the product being tested via a separate hose. Delta F models, with low rate full scale at 50 cm3/min and 0.01 cm3/ min resolution, can be used for leak tests with flow measurement, by continuous or differential method. DELTA F is entirely designed and manufactured in Italy. Our products guarantee an excellent quality and the best value for money.

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SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply DIRECT FLOW MEASUREMENT The instrument directly measures pressure and flow rate to the product being tested (filters, taps, valves, etc...). For leak or flow rate tests on small volumes, testing times below 1 second can be reached. Testing cycles for leak or flow rate tests with or without quick filling (bypass) valves are available. OPERATING PRINCIPLE Leak tests with direct flow measurement Calibration service Each equipment is accompanied by a calibration certificate released by Tecna srl. According to the requirements of ISO9001 standard, calibration must be...

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