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CAMERA PHOTOMETER based on the Canon EOS70D digital reflex camera

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Measuring the luminance distribution and horizontal illumination on the airports apron SIGMA 4.5mm/2.8 EX DC Circular Fisheye

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Glare evaluation The LMK mobile air allows easy measuring and verification of existing standards and real lighting applications concepts with regards to full illumination, glare, ergonomics and hazards. Determination of glare using the TI – method for artificial road lighting Glare assessment based on the TI - method for artificial road lighting (EN13201) Performing the L20° measures for artificial lighting at tunnel entrances (CIE Publ. 88) Determining glare values for artificial outdoor lighting like at sports facilities or lighted outdoor advertisement. For example the maximum tolerable...

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Measuring Roads and Tunnels Standard based analysis of the road luminance using LMK LabSoft The LMK mobile air allows a smart and quick evaluation and verification of luminance values relevant to security of public traffic ways by using intelligent software tools. Assessment of the luminance values (i.e. according to EN13201) on road and tunnels Checking the visibility of transport users, road signs and markers among various weather conditions Reviewing the luminance level and the illumination of other public traffic ways Further Applications The LMK mobile air is very-well suited for fast...

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Sensor / Resolution 14 Bit RAW - data as uncompressed Bayer structure CR2 image file transfer via USB 2.0 to the PC Luminance image resolution Dynamic resolution Measurement results CMOS Canon APS-C with 5566(H) x 3706(V) File format Single measurement: 1:4000 High-Dyn measurement: 1:30000 (1/1000 s < ti < 8 s) Selection of measuring range selecting aperture value, exposure time and ISO speed Measuring distance automatic focus / manual focus Aperture values F4 - F11 (calibrated for luminance measurements) in 1/3 steps Focal length Viewing angle focal length 17mm: 65°(H) x 45°(V) focal...

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Determination of the UGR or the DGP for indoor lighting Just install! Use our APP for a save and comfortable control of your LMK mobile air. The functional diversity of a digital mirror reflecting camera often overstrains the user. Using our App all valid settings are predefined and can be adjusted very quick and easy. Thus incorrect and faulty measuring results are almost impossible. If you are already using iPad you can directly download this App from the AppStore and start working immediately. Alternatively it is possible to order the iPad optionally with the LMK mobile air product...

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Components Lens Sigma [ 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM ] Sigma [ 70-200mm F2.8 II EX DG APO HSM ] Sigma Fisheye [ 4.5mm F2.8 EX DC HSM ] (incl. lens hood and dust cover) Canon 70D (DSLR) Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM Transport Mobility case + carrying strap Transport case TechnoTeam Wide strap Power supply 2 x Lithium-Ion Akku [ LP-E6 ] Battery charger [ LC-E6 ] + power plug Compact mains adapter [ ACK E6 ] Cable / Interface Stereo-AV-Cable USB Interface cable Memory card SDHC card 16GB Software EOS Digital Solution (CD ROM) LMK Labsoft measuring software (CD ROM) Manual / Certification Manual...

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