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TECHNICAL DATA SHEET STANDARD DIMENSIONS Reference FCPN1000 FCPN900-10 FCPN750-10 FCPN700-10 Other dimensions on Height x Operating length 1m x 10,35m = 10m2 0.90m x 11,20m = 10m2 0,75m x 13,40m = 10m2 0,70m x 13,40m = 10m2 RAW MATERIAL & TREATMENTS Recycled intercraft cardboard (250 g/m2) Light water repellent treatment Perforation, pleating and assembly with vynilic glue RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS Recommended airflow velocity : Airflow typical values : Ap at 0.5 m/s : Highest acceptable dep. value at 0.5 m/s Recommended number of pleats per meter 25 PERFORMANCES Separation efficiency (according to modified ASHRAE standard) : ranging from 90% to 98% depending on sprayed product Retention capacity ranging from 5 to 18 Kg/m2 depending on sprayed product density. Chemicals used for this treatment do not contain: * spotable chloride traces * silicone ISO 14000 Chemicals used for this treatment do not contain : spotable chloride traces/silicone/plomb/mercure/cadmium/chrome/polybrome (RBB)/polybrome PBDE Recycled paper EUROPEAN STANDARDS - According to directive ATEX 94/9/CE, this filter can be used in an explosive environment : surface resistance measurement : 10 6 OHMS - certificate n°05.0317-42 - This product complies with the PR-EN779 standard, as known to date.

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