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JtSISC Vacuum pumps All the vacuum pumps below are used for vacuum handling and vacuum fixing, belong to low vacuum pumps. They can be divided into dry vacuum pumps and oil vacuum pumps based on SSfi^&K'J Encoding rules D Ssi&fiEK'll^Tji Dry vane rotary vacuum pumps O ;ft;$ilffi£ttll3^ Oil-lubricated vane rotary vacuum pumps (DWBUftl Volume flow C3) MJ*£ffi Ultimate vacuum (-kPa) —, Jti&lifcKMgiW First, dry vane rotary vacuum pumps ^SWjS Product features 2. Permanently lubricated bearings 3. Sealed shell and motor vent 5. Die-casting aluminum top cover, valve plate and diaphragm 6. Smooth and steady, low vibration 8. Suitable for outdoor work 10. Can customize non-standard models ftMRm$&{M&) Outline dimensional drawings(mm)

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Mounting lapped pods Ptuq butiom Nole: all lapped ports ate 1/8-27 NPT Mounting tapped ports Plug buttons Note: all lapped ports are 1/8-27 NPT Technical parameter

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fyJ&Rfj'M Shape dimension tables

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_. /Az&Tfl&EJill^iil Second, oil-lubricated vane rolary vacuum pumps ^MR^t^ Shape dimension tables 1) SKWltJjSBfflSisl Space tot fining exhausl filter 2) gi&lRttSffi Space for the molors ventilation PirnprgspeeoXW*nie*wrale) Wflai gas balast PIXH»IIJ ^eecityckire ftxv rate)

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Intel port Space 1c* (he motors ventilation

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Vacuum blowers are also called vortex pumps, high pressure pumps or air pumps. I g Hffiffilft. rS^SE^^. ttffrttK. 1. Motor adopts cold-rolled silicone steel sheet, it is H.class insulation, energy efficient, high performance 2. Using renewable design theory, high blast volume, high blower pressure, maintenance-free, no 3. Waterproof and heat insulation blowers can be used to insulate from high moisture and 150'C high temperature gas or steam. 4. Plating anodizing or Teflon coating treatment can increase resistant to oxidation and corrosion 5. Belt type blowers apply to explosion-proof or...

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6. To airtight, pressure maintaining type, there's no leakage while inner pressure up to 10kPa, 30kPa. ® WiXW&MWi Max volume flow (Nl/min) Technical parameter

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50HZ(Bt) Comp««so< connection — BHft t»&>uo« &ft(mbat) 1 **H( Pressure )=111 MMftfM) ftMR~$&(M#) Outline dimensional drawings(mm)

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