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ujjPtf Nozzles Compressed air Vacuum Exhaust From the above diagrammatic sketch, the ejectors' working principle is compressed air enters from port ®, passes through one or more vacuum chambers, exhausts from port CD. Venturi phenomenon between nozzles can generate vacuum in the chambers around the nozzles. When all the vacuum chambers are integrated, the air can be drawn in from port®. Jt£fii»Wi4^>S Ejectors' choosing method

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First, vacuum current is air suction flow when the vacuum is absolutely open to the air under 1 standard atmospheric pressure. Second, suction flow is called displacement flow or volume flow which can be expressed in NL/min, Third, three factors to choose the ejectors: vacuum current (L/min), vacuum level (bar) and actual Fourth, vacuum current calculating formula: S: vacuum flow (L/min) V: total volume from suction cups to the ejector (L; T: time to reach the max vacuum level (Min) 7.3E«ffl». vk'pmm&» mmummp- *i%H&wmm&mmmwj£WAm* 1. Vacuum generated by compressed air. Don't need...

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6. No vibration. Be widely used in vibrant spaces. 7. Don't need lubrication, seldom hidden troubles. Don't need maintenance, schedule maintain like vacuum pumps driven by motors is unnecessary. 8. React quickly, apply to frequent starting occasions. While vacuum pumps react very slowly. 9. High environmental adaptability. Ejectors made of corrosion resisting materials apply to corrosive and dangerous environment. 10. Have a wide choice of flows and vacuum levels. The flow range is 8L/min~11926L/min. The max vacuum level can reach -100.8kPa(-756mmHg). 11. Low cost. Only about 30% of the...

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to/ftStandard vacuum ejectors ■^MS<MRJtS^Bfiffi^SK(80PSl3S Adjustable single-stage ejectors pressure switch technical specification 1. iftj£?EIB: -20.0kPa—53.2kPa 1. Setting pressure range: -20.0kPa~-53.2kPa 2. ftfcfjPliStt: -46.6kPa 2. MTU before loading: -46.6kPa M^bMR^f^ Shape dimension tables

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ftMR^tft Shape dimension tables

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—. £94E:£££.sg Second, multi-stage vacuum ejectors Usually they are ejectors with three nozzles series or paralleling connection. Their character is to save the compressed air. The ratio between air consumption and vacuum evacuation of multi-stage ejectors with reasonable structure can reach 1:3. ^RHSSttlttN^/S Single three-stage nozzles' characteristics 1. Initial vacuum flow can reach 354L/min. 2. The maximum supplied air pressure is 0.7MPa. 3.The maximum vacuum level is -950mbar. 4. Time in seconds for evacuation of a volume of 1 litre to reach the maximum vacuum level is 2.4 5. Normal...

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Encoding rules (D a*<*&3£* Max volume flow (Nl/min) © tfiPRR^S Ultimate vacuum (-kPa) ® flSWSSfiS Nozzle number ® A/D A£$IJ/D&$IJ A series/D series ^5'J/CCPD#IS^ Series products parameter tables ftMR^HBteflz) Outline dimensional drawings(mm)

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Positive pressure meter NPT1/8"

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MiEJt □ Positive pressure meter NPT10'

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