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connecting rods

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SfSff Connecting rods ffi^itf. ttft «ft»jns«at*adc. VL?WL&ftH'Bz.®< &&mft®mm» ttm%mm* Made up of screw mandrel, nut, fitting and screw joint. They are between suction cups and pipes for connecting and fixing. The materials are brass, stainless steel, 45 # steel and aluminum. The surface is plated by nickel, chrome treatment or through orginal oxidization.

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SzJtff Spring plungers Ci) ^J^^it Bufer specipications E £r-iE5$||*S#tf External spring plungers I l*JS3$fc!f NW Internal spring plungers EB £hS3$M®i5frtg;W External spring plungers with bidirectional buffer D ft Pipe connecting direction NB ^E&t&SJS Non-body connection —. S'bS&iiilW+T First, external spring plungers fi*h«5Mt. Sffi. HfiffiUS. m§£ltft»*fi<)E£fi&. ^ffifcttAEAMMff. £#fa*T Made up of external springs, sleeves and guide rods. The stroke is the reduction of the springs. There are plungers with anti-rotating functions. There are slots and matching bolts on guide plungers.

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External Spring Plungers 107—139.5mm

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External Spring Plungers 142—178mm

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External Spring Plungers 207--212mm — I*)JE3$M£I<iW Second, internal spring plungers Made up of internal springs, sleeves and guide rods. The stroke is the reduction of the springs. There're buffer rods with anti-rotating functions. There're slots and matching bolts on guide plungers. Internal Spring Plungers 24—25.5mm

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Internal Spring Plungers 30—38mm

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Internal Spring Plungers 44—53mm

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Internal Spring Plungers 55—114mm

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$CWlf&ft£I}4fF Third,external spring palungers with bidirectional buffer l^itpafW^ili *W±T**i**. a#PTE(*'>l«S. ffi-Kffiffl**. Made up of upper buffering springs, under buffering springs, sleeves and guide rods The stroke is the reduction of the under buffering spring. The specification is the brass and plastic bushes in the sleeves. There're springs above and under the sleeves. In this way, noise will be reduced and their working life can be prolonged. External Spring Plungers With Bidirectional Buffer 116—176.5mm

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External Spring Plungers With Bidirectional Buffer 229.5mm ^^SiHiJ Encoding rules S JfJftSlU^St Standard holders U % &Jt 0 £S U niversal holders ©S^iiS^ Square tube damps Ci^S-f-JS Ball damps Rif ^ Round tube clamps BlJJrJSItf Ball sleeves ® ?c No l*]7\#l jfcST]^ Inner hexagonal bolt clamping method H \&5-%^TH Handle clamping method © }J^R"I1"S£E1£3.2 Square size or round tube diameter @ J$fl2StSiiilL£& Ball sleeves'through-hole diameter —, First, standard holders Made up of clamping screws and galvanized steel panels. Their function is to fix the mounting elements to the square-section...

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