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The patented InLine filter • The InLine filter has been designed and developed specifically for your applications and needs. • Fewer cases of illness due to clean air in the treatment room • Ensures optimal capture. • Minimizes internal contamination of the extraction arm. • Reduces cleaning effort and maintenance costs. • Extends the service life of the high-tech main filters. Optimal capture with the TBH InLine-Extraction-Hood TBH InLine-Filter with extraction hood (ill. similar). Spot capture possible closer to the point of origin TBH InLine-Filter without extraction hood (ill. similar)....

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The TBH hygiene concept Tested by the laboratory CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG Abschlussbericht manuelle Aufbereitungsvalidierung TBH GmbH Absaugtechnik und Filtertechnik Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 8 75334 Straubenhardt Begin of testing Prüfbeginn Date of Report Datum Bericht Final Report Validation of manual processing To comply with the TBH hygiene concept, we recommend: Identification of test item / Identifikation des Prüfgegenstands • Change InLine filter 1x daily Test item name Bezeichnung des Prüfgegenstands Absaugarm Test item no. Nummer des Prüfgegenstands Date test item...

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Tool-free filter change in the system • Fast and smooth change • No special skills / tools required • Easy handling Cleaning instructions video Adsorption of gaseous substances The adsorption of the gaseous substances takes place with activated carbon granules (physical adsorption). It collects a very wide range of gases and odors. If requested, special mixtures are possible that are adapted to each customer's process. For more infomation ask your TBH sales partner. TBH activated carbon granules (ill. similar) TRIPLE PROTECTION FOR HUMANS / ENVIRONMENT / MACHIN

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Optional capture elements and accessories The suction tip is generally used for smoke and particles where no grid cover is required. (Optional) TBH Suction tip (illustration similar) The foot switch provides a hands-free Start/ Stopp operation. The foot switch is connected to the interface. (Optional) Foot switch (illustration similar) The cleaning set includes a brush and ten disposal bags and enables easy cleaning of the extraction arm. (Optional) TBH cleaning set (illustration similar) TRIPLE PROTECTION FOR HUMANS / ENVIRONMENT / MACHINERY

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TBH filter concept: operation principle • InLine filter captures particles/bacteria/ aerosols. • Protects the extraction arm from contaminants. • HEPA Particle filter guarantees separation efficiency. • Activated carbon filters gases/odors. • Combined 2-stage filter: • HEPA H13 particle filter ensures separation efficiency. • Activated carbon filters gases/odors. TBH Health Basic/ TBH Health Pro mit InLine-Filter & 2-Stage filter (Illustration similar). • Best price baseline model • Suitable for occasional use: Brush motor, for less than 1 oprating hour a day • Garantee: 600 operating hours...

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TBH filter concept: operation principle • InLine filter captures particles/bacteria/ aerosols • Protects the extraction arm from contaminants. • HEPA Particle filter guarantees separation efficiency. • Activated carbon filters gases/odors. • Larger filter area • Lower follow-up costs of replacement filters: (HEPA Particle filter and activated carbon can be exchanged separately). • HEPA particle filter H14 TBH Heath Pro Silence • Quiet and pleasant • Higher air volume and more power • continuous running motor for more than 1 operating hour a day • Garantee: 10000 operating hours or 2 years...

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Dangers in dermatology practices NOXIOUS GASES / GAS MOLECULES Benzene (classified as carcinogenic to humans by IMPACTS Bone marrow aplasia, leukemia, nausea, dizziness, headache IARC) Tuluol and xylene Depressive properties on nervous system, irritation of skin, eyes and respiratory mucosa Irritation to airways, allergen to skin and respiratory system, carcinogen to sinuses Acetaldehyde, acrolein Affects nervous system, indigestions, damage to liver, kidneys and lungs Irritation of eyes and respiratory mucosa, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, diarrhea, hematuria, loss of appetite,...

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High protection against infection during laser treatment Lasers are used in a variety of ways, for example in medical surgery, eye surgery and dermatological treatments. Laser surgery produces aerosols with a particle size of 0.1µm-2µm. These laser aerosols (LGAC = Laser Generated Airboune Contaminants) consist of various components of human tissue. Laser eye treatment (illustration similar) Depending on the dose, surgical smoke can cause acute symptoms of poisoning in the form of headache, weakness, nausea, muscle weakness, and also irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract². The danger...

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Application areas Removing skin tags / skin care Skin tags are small growths which tend to hang off the skin. Laser therapy removes specific skin layers in a controlled manner. The particles that arise in this process, should be extracted from the air completely. Our filter and extraction systems collect all particles safely from the air. Removing skin tags (illustration similar) Lasering eyes Laser eye surgery is one of the most common procedures in modern laser surgery. More and more patients have their eyes lasered to see well without glasses or contact lenses. Lasering eyes...

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Application areas Aerosol/ Dental Any treatment in a dental practice creates high aerosol concentrations. Oral suction only eliminates coarse particles. The smallest ones are lighter than air and thus continuously whirl around and disperse when they are not extracted from the air. Dental treatment (illustration similar) Removing birthmark with lasers If a birthmark has to be removed, it can either be cut out completely or removed by laser treatment. All conspicuous moles that can potentially degenerate malignant should be completely removed. The birthmark removal takes place under local...

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