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FPV 202 - 2

FPV 202 Designed for larger dust volumes The filter cartridge pre-separator FPV 202 was specially developed to significantly extend the service life of a downstream filter and extraction system of the LN, GL or TFS series. This system is equipped with a dedustable filter cartridges, which enable the filter to be freed from dust by compressed air blasts. The system is therefore particularly suitable for applications in which large quantities of dry dust are extracted. In combination with the downstream filter and extraction system, the FPV 202 unit achieves enormously long service lives...

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FPV 202 - 3

Application-dependent filter equipment The filter cartridge pre-separator FPV 202 can be equipped with suitable filter cartridges depending on the application. There is a distinction between Default: For dust removal processes with dry dusts that get easily cleaned from the surface of filter cartridges. The used Polyester fleece cartridge has a conductive aluminum coating. The default filter cartridge is the optimum between filter efficiency and costs. Optional: For processes with poorly cleanable dusts, e.g. in connection with precoating. The used polyester fleece cartridge with PTFE has...

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FPV 202 - 4

Dedusting system Filter cartridge in operation TBH antistatic filter cartridges are equipped with a microfibre surface of PES (polyester) and a conductive coating. This is a robust and well protected solution Filter cartridge after dedusting against mechanical damage for a wide range of customer applications. PTFE coated filter cartridges are also available for special applications. Simple dust removal The dust generated during the process is disposed of via the removable dust container. If required, a dust bag can be inserted for low-contamination dust removal.

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FPV 202 - 5

Precoating process Precoating of the FPV 202 with Precofix 200 takes place manually via an optionally available precoating socket (see ordering data). For this purpose, the cover cap of the precoating socket is opened when the extraction system is switched on. The user can then slowly pour the Precofix 200 powder (follow the dosing instructions!) into the nozzle and close the cover cap again. The Precofix 200 distributes evenly on the surface of the filter cartridge, protecting it and creating a thin separation layer between the filter medium and the extracted debris particles. This...

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FPV 202 - 6

Dedusting control system The FP 202 is equipped with a special dedusting control system, which enables the filter cartridge to be automatically freed from dust and thus increase the filter service life enormously. Depending on the application, different options can be parameterized by the customer: Differential-pressure controlled dedusting (factory setting) . he system continuously measures the current filter saturation and automatically starts the dedusting cycle T when a set value is reached (factory setting: 75% filter saturation). . Interval dedusting (parameterizable via interface)...

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FPV 202 - 7

Inspiring control Continuous full control over the system . A - Manual start of filter-cartridge dedusting . 1 - Saturated filter notification . 2 - System status indication . 3 - Hour meter indication . 4 - Dedusting active indication SUB-D 25 interface External control of the system Powerful control unit . Start / Stop button . Group-error output (speed, temperature, "filter full"100%) . External power control . arameterization access for activating P special functions and dedusting mode . Message cache . Digital interface (RS232) Illustration similar HUMANS / ENVIRONMENT / MACHINERY

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FPV 202 - 8

Refilling work, packaging processes, feeding and conveying processes When materials are moved from one place to another, such as during packaging or transportation, this process can cause particles to be released. Especially since they are not visible to the human eye, the risk should not be underestimated. Particles can develop from turbulences. TBH filter and extraction systems safely remove these particles from the ambient air. Mechanical processing (grinding, deburring, milling, drilling, cutting) Processes such as grinding, deburring, milling, drilling or cutting generate dust, vapours...

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FPV 202 - 9

Electronic control system Filter-saturation Indicator Visual and audible indication of filter saturation Display & notification of malfunctions Manual start of filter-cartridge dedusting Filter dedusting indication INTERFACE FUNCTION Interface Pre-warning, filter saturated to 75%* Visual and audible indication of filter saturated Group-error output (speed, temperature, "filter full" 100 %) External dedusting start* Message cache Parameterization access for activating special functions * Message, e.g. to control the dedusting from an external source Further information on the series Scan QR...

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FPV 202 - 10

Delivery scope: . ompletely assembled (incl. the selected filter equipment) C . Castors for mobile use . Crane eyelets (optional) . Power cord Illustration similar TECHNICAL DATA Max. permissible air flow rate* Dimensions (HxWxD) Room height for filter removal Filter Surface Dust collection container Dedusting control system * depending on application   ** rear/right   *** selectable HUMANS / ENVIRONMENT / MACHINERY

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FPV 202 - 11

INTAKE SLEEVE FPV 202 100-240 V 50/60 Hz Equipotential bonding system Rear side* FILTER EQUIPMENT 6 x Filter cartiges antistatic 6x Filter cartige set antistatic, PTFE * Indicates position only ** Sleeve dimension 20185 EXHAUST NOZZLE Right SPARE FILTER Filter cartige set antistatic, 6 Pcs Filterpatronen-Set antistatic, 6 Pcs, PTFE FILTER CLEANING Controlled by differential pressure Only overrun cleaning * Necessary for manual precoating or automated production lines. There is no automated cleaning of the filters. The filter cleaning is controlled manually by pressing the button on the...

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FPV 202 - 12

PRESSURE REGULATOR for autom. dedusting USE FPV 202 preset to 2 bar operating pressure Pressure regulator PNEUMATIC SHUT-OFF VALVES . automatic control via the extraction system . revents the back-thrust of filtrate into the intake piping during filter-cartridge dedusting p . Shut-off valve can easily be integrated into the intake piping USE Pneumatic shut-off valve Shut-off valve control line Protective cover HUMANS / ENVIRONMENT / MACHINERY

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