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FP 200 SERIES - 1


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FP 200 SERIES - 2

FP 200 Designed for larger dust volumes The FP 211 ATEX and FP 213 ATEX are equipped with dedustable antistatic filter cartridges, which enable the filters to be freed from dust by compressed air blasts. The units are thus particularly well suitable for applications in which large quantities of dry dust are extracted and achieve enormously long service lives compared to systems with saturation filters. Illustration similar Contamination-free filter change Patented technology Bayonet lock: Tool-free filter exchanging Filter cartridge - safe removal and packaging through patented technology....

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FP 200 SERIES - 3

Application-dependent filter equipment The filter and extraction system can be equipped with suitable filter cartridges depending on application. A differentiation is made between: Standard: Dedusting processes with dry dusts that can be easily dedusted from the filter-cartridge surface. A polyester fleece cartridge with conductive aluminium coating is used here. The standard filter cartridge represents the optimum between filter efficiency and costs Optional: Processes with dusts that are difficult to dedust, e.g. in connection with precoating. A polyester fleece cartridge with PTFE and...

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FP 200 SERIES - 4

Filter-cleaning control The FP 200 series is equipped with special filter-cleaning control, which enables the filter cartridge to be automatically freed from dust and thus increase the filter service life enormously. Depending on the application, different options can be parameterized by the customer: Differential-pressure controlled dedusting (factory setting) . he system continuously measures the current filter saturation and automatically starts the dedusting cycle T when a set value is reached (factory setting: 75% filter saturation). . Interval filter dedusting (parameterizable via...

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FP 200 SERIES - 5

Long service life due to effective filter cleaning Filter cartridge in operation The FP 211 and FP 213 are equipped with six dedustable filter cartridges of dust class M. The filter cartridges are made of BGIA (USGC) tested filter material, which allows an optimized filter dedusting due to its special folding. Filter cartridge after dedusting Depending on the application, specially coated variants can be used. Please contact the TBH sales department. Application-dependent Motor selection TBH offers a selection of different motor concepts in its product range to ensure the optimum...

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FP 200 SERIES - 6

Inspiring control Continuous full control over the system . A - Start / Stop button . B - Manual power control . C - Manual start of filter-cartridge dedusting . 1 - Saturated filter notification . 2 - System status indication . 3 - ower-setting indication/ P Hour meter . 4 - Temperature and turbine-status indication . 5 - Filter status indication SUB-D 25 interface External control of the system Powerful control unit . Start / Stop button . "Filter full" pre-warning stage (75%) . Group-error output (speed, temperature, "filter full" 100%) . External power control . arameterization access...

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FP 200 SERIES - 7

Refilling work, packaging processes, feeding and conveying processes When materials are moved from one place to another, such as during packaging or transportation, this process can cause particles to be released. Especially since they are not visible to the human eye, the risk should not be underestimated. Particles can develop from turbulences. TBH filter and extraction systems safely remove these particles from the ambient air. Mechanical processing (grinding, deburring, milling, drilling, cutting) Processes such as grinding, deburring, milling, drilling or cutting generate dust, vapours...

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FP 200 SERIES - 8

Series configuration EP 200 series For easy configuration of your desired TBH filter and extraction system type FP 211 or FP 213, please observe the following steps: basic model Depending on the application, select the suitable system based on its performance data (Fig. 2). TECHNICAL DATA Air flow rate with free air delivery Effective air flow rate filter cartridges BASIC MODEL FP 211 / FP 213 Select the appropriate filter cartridges for your system depending on application. For any questions, please contact the TBH sales department. . C - Selection of intermediate modules Depending on the...

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FP 200 SERIES - 9

Series configuration EP 200 series intake socket Select the intake socket of your system (position and diameter) from (Fig. 4). Please note any existing connections, e.g. to laser systems or similar. Please also pay attention to a reasonable dimensioning of the line cross-sections in relation to your application (air velocity, pressure loss). dedusting The system is factory-delivered with the function "Differential-pressure controlled dedusting". When the filter saturation reaches the set value, the system automatically starts its dedusting cycle. The cleaning modes interval dedusting and...

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FP 200 SERIES - 10

Delivery scope: . Completely assembled (incl. the selected filter equipment) . Base stands (suitable for forklift trucks) . Crane eyelets (optional) . Power cord TECHNICAL DATA Air flow rate with free air delivery Effective air flow rate Motor output Continuous running Sound level Serial interface Basic model with 1 intermediate module with 2 intermediate modules Basic model with 1 intermediate module with 2 intermediate modules Illustration similar Drive type Dimensions (HxWxD) Minimum ceiling height for filter removal Intake sleeve On rear side or left Automatic dedusting...

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FP 200 SERIES - 11

BASIC MODEL A DESIGNATION WITH INTERMEDIATE MODULE FILTER EQUIPMENT Filter-housing module, particle filter Filter-housing module, activated carbon filter* 6 x filter cartridges, antistatic 6 x filter cartridges, antistatic PTFE SPARE FILTER Filter cartridge set, antistatic, pack of 6 Filter-cartridge set, antistatic, pack of 6 PTFE * educes the extraction capacity of the system by approx. r 20% - alternatively, an additional filter module can be connected downstream of the system so that the capacity is not negatively affected (see accessories from page 18 onwards) SPARE FILTER Particle...

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