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All about your flow Tapflo is a leading pump manufacturer providing a wide range of premium products for various industrial applications. We focus on delivering the best solutions and support for our customers on all stages of the process – worldwide. About Tapflo Tapflo is a Swedish, family-owned manufacturer and global supplier of pumps and other industrial process equipment. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ needs and the demands from our industry. The company was founded in Kungälv, Sweden in 1980 and has since then developed dynamically over the years....

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1. Pump transfers liquid from bath tank to the filter 2. Non-filtrated liquid is transferred to the filtration chamber 3. Liquid is purified whilst infiltrating the cartridges 4. Filtered media is gathered by a universal collector 5. Filtered media goes through the discharge pipe Filters creating a safe process FT Filters are developed to work in various applications, where process quality often relies on the bath filtration. As there are many hazardous substances used, it is of paramount importance to ensure these chemicals are handled in a safe way. Tapflo is here to provide you reliable...

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Filter components Standard FT Filters are delivered with Tapflo Magdrive CTM series pumps, that provide a safe and leakage free operation. Our FT Filters are used widely in the surface treatment industry, where there is a need for liquid purification. Made in PP, they provide a high resistance for acids and alkalis. They are developed to work with polypropylene filtering cartridges, active carbon filtering inserts, filtering resins combined with bags and FTL Cartridges. FT Filters are also used as an oil absorbing units. Inserts Insert types Wound Cartridge (standard) The most popular...

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Pressure control options An optional pressure switch selected instead of a manometer offers higher accuracy, long-term stability and a higher number of measure cycles. Pumps ^Hstandard CTM - magdrive centrifugal pumps The Magdrive Centrifugals are designed and manufactured for chemicals transfer and circulation in surface treatment industries. Tapflo CTM magnetic drive pumps are pumps of the centrifugal type, where the power from the motor is transmitted to the impeller by means of a magnetic coupling. Features & Benefits DNo leakage safe working environment and environmentally friendly...

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Performance curves The performance curves are based on water at 20°C with standard FTA cartridges and standard CTM pumps. Other circumstances will affect the performance. These curves are only for first selection; please contact us for detailed curves with required power etc. (p=1000 kg/m3, T=20oC, n=2900 rpm) Technical data II. Filter type: A - standard cartridge B - bag C - activated carbon in bag L - big cartridge (FTL) M - activated carbon in mesh nylon bag N - oil absorbing fill in nylon bag O - oil absorbing fill in bag R - ion exchange resin in bag S - ion exchange resin in mesh...

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female female J - Outlet thread thread G %” G %” K - Air vent hose 0 16 hose 0 16 Dimensions in mm (where other is not indicated) * with open cover Changes reserved without notice

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Sweden Filaregatan 4 | S-442 34 Kungalv Tel: +46 303 63390 Fax: +46 303 19916 E-mail addresses: Commercial questions: Orders: Tech support: Tapflo products and services are available in 75 countries on 6 continents. Tapflo is represented worldwide by own Tapflo Group Companies and carefully selected distributors assuring highest Tapflo service quality for our customers' convenience. AUSTRALIA | AUSTRIA | AZERBAIJAN | BAHRAIN | BELARUS | BELGIUM | BOSNIA | BRAZIL | BULGARIA | CANADA | CHILE | CHINA | COLOMBIA | CROATIA | CZECH REPUBLIC |...

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