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CTP PLASTIC CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS 2018 | 1 All about your flow

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All about your flow™ Since 1980, we have taken pride in delivering a wealth of knowledge and passion for pumps to the industry, whilst supplying a wide range of premium products for various industrial applications. We deliver the best solutions and support for a range of Hygienic, Sanitary and Industrial applications, while going above and beyond to provide excellent service to our customers worldwide. Tapflo is a family-owned company, founded in Kungälv, Sweden. Over the years, the company has developed into a global Tapflo Group with branches and distributors present in nearly every...

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The CTP pumps are semi-open impeller single stage centrifugal pumps. Since there are no metal parts on the liquid side, the pumps are ideal for chemical transfer and circulation duties. CTP is a compact and reliable mechanically sealed centrifugal pump made in PP and PVDF. It is the right solution for liquids containing solid particles. Wide range of applications Transfer of chemicals Transfer of various chemicals from storage tanks to smaller containers. Surface treatment Transfer, filtering and circulation of surface treatment baths. Food and beverage Pumping of CIP detergent used for...

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PP & PVDF wetted materials Can handle highly corrosive liquids also containing solids and metallic particles. Pumps can handle high temperature liquids alkali and acids. The version in PP-GF (glass fibre reinforced polypropylene) provides great mechanical strength and allows liquid temperatures up to 70°C. The PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) version has superior chemical resistance and allows temperatures up to 90°C. Semi open impeller Allows pumping liquids with particles up to 0 3 mm and 10% in concentration. A semi open impeller also improves the transfer of liquids with higher viscosity....

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The performance curves are based on water at 20°C. (p=i000 kg/m3, T=20oC, n=2900 rpm) Technical data Component 1Hastelloy® C is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

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Dimensions in mm (where other is not indicated) 07 SSF = SiC/SiC/FEP/FKM 2. O-rings: blank* = EPDM for PP; FKM for PVDF E = EPDM V = FKM F = FEP/FKM 3. Shaft material: blank* = AISI 316L H = Hastelloy C-2761 4. Optional connections blank* = BSP thread A = ANSI flange F = DIN flange H = Hose connection 5. Other options: I = Optional impeller diameter [mm] I. CTp= Tapflo Mechanically Sealed Plastic Centrifugal pump II. Pump size:l 32 = Suction 1 Discharge 1" IV. Material: P = PP (Polipropylene) K = PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) V. Pump options: 1. Mechanical Seal blank* = Carbon/SiC/EPDM for...

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Product range Diaphragm pumps & accessories Metal pumps Pharmaceutical pumps Powder pumps TF Filter press pumps Sanitary pumps EHEDG aseptic pumps Systems & accessories Active pulsation dampeners Centrifugal pumps, f ilter units & accessories CTS self-priming centrifugal pumps CTV vertical centrifugal pumps CTM magnetic drive centrifugal pumps CTP plastic centrifugal pumps

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Sweden Filaregatan 4 | S-442 34 Kungalv Tel: +46 303 63390 Fax: +46 303 19916 E-mail addresses: Commercial questions: Orders: Tech support: Tapflo products and services are available in 75 countries on 6 continents. Tapflo is represented worldwide by own Tapflo Group Companies and carefully selected distributors assuring highest Tapflo service quality for our customers' convenience. AUSTRALIA | AUSTRIA | AZERBAIJAN | BAHRAIN | BELARUS | BELGIUM | BOSNIA | BRAZIL | BULGARIA | CANADA | CHILE | CHINA | COLOMBIA | CROATIA | CZECH REPUBLIC |...

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