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CURRENT SENSORS Servo system Current-output type * 1 : lf=250A * 2 Offset current value is after removal of core hysteresis. * Please refer to the another sheet about conditions of UL Recognition. \ Terminal number Terminal number 1. Unless otherwise specified,

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CURRENT SENSORS Important Notice 7. This product is not designed to resist radiation. 1. The content of this information is subject to change without vehicle equipment, safety devices, and so on) in which ・ se in liquids such as water, oil, chemical solutions, or U organic solvents, and use in locations where the product will be exposed to such liquids. ・ se that involves exposure to direct sunlight, outdoor U exposure, or dusty conditions. ・ Use in locations where corrosive gases such as sea winds, Cl2, H2S, NH3, SO2, or NO2, are present. (Some product improves durability) ・ se in...

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Appli note CURRENT SENSORS Application notes 1. he sensor uses polar electronic components. When the T 1. igh frequency primary current may result in excessive heating H polarity of the power supply is mistaken, the sensor is damaged. in iron magnetic core and cause damage to internal circuitry; 2. tatic electricity or excessive voltage can increase an offset S for high frequency applications select current sensor with ferrite voltage in the Hall element, and cause offset voltage to change. core material. 2. f the measured current exceeds the rated current, magnetic I Please exercise care...

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