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Pad Printing Machines ALFALAS® Laser Systems Automations SPEED Pad Printing Machine PAD PRINTING MACHINES ACCESSORIES SERVICE The fastest clocked pad printing machine on the market Electromechanical drive High number of parts, highest registration accuracy

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SPEED Pad Printing Machines - 2

Standard Pad Printing Machines SPEED Series There was a need for coming up with a new pad printing machine, the basis of which opens up new target markets for us both technologically and in terms of applications. This has cut down flat-bed printing‘s negative distance in performance to rotary printing in terms of part output. The result: the development of the SPEED 40-2 pad printing machine. Its output: as many as 9,000 cycles/h in continuous run. The production quantity is max. 18,000/h printed parts (single color with a printed image size of Ø 37 mm). Very high true-to-register printing,...

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SPEED Pad Printing Machines - 3

SPEED Series With pad printing it becomes dosable

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SPEED Pad Printing Machines - 4

SPEED Series SPEED 40-2 Misprint device Integrated model Single cycle Multiple printing Piece counter Variable speed control Variable doctoring contact pressure Cliché size Print image size max. Pad stroke onto workpiece Pad stroke onto cliché Force of pressure per pad/machine externally driven Connected load Power supply Interface Power frequency Control voltage Pneumatic supply fine filter 5 μm Drive with AC asynchronous motor and frequency converter; connecting cable (5 m) with plug connection at the machine; with control cabinet Drive with AC asynchronous motor and servo controller;...

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SPEED Pad Printing Machines - 5

Standard Pad Printing Machines SPEED Series SPEED 40-2 Automation with 4-fold use 36 000 parts/h SPEED 40-2 Automation for small parts with rotary index table Accessories & Options Ink/doctoring cups Hold-down bridge client-specific version Pad bridge client-specific version Assembly table Gripping tongs Printing pads Tools and accessories set Technical documentation Machine stand made of aluminium profiles Frame made of steel, closed, with angle table Aluminium cross table for the positioning of jigs Mounting plate for jig Misprint device Overhead model

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SPEED Pad Printing Machines - 6

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