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Pad Printing Machines ALFALAS® Laser Systems Automations MOF-PROMO HP Laser System ■ High-Speed Marking: Up to 40 PIECES PER SECOND ■ High Contrast Laser Marking ■ Economical ■ Durable ■ Flexible ■ Plug-and-Play Installation ■ Versatile Application Possibilities Highest performance characteristics for customized requirements Laser Marking of Closure Caps in High-Performance Scope With the procedure ”Mark-on-the-fly”, deployed in the MOF-PROMO HP, all kind of closures, made of most diverse materials, can rapidly be decorated with high precision inside, outside and on the sides. Through the compact design, the user-friendly equipment allows a problem-free integration as inline-variant in existing production lines for closures of all kinds. The laser system is available, depending on the type of application, as MOF-PROMO HP or MOF-PROMO HP

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Inside view of work chamber MOF-PROMO HP PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Production Efficiency: Increase of the output capacity (with same closure cap size) up to 60 % in the case of - same character count - same number of laser pigments (for example red closures) - QR or DMC Codes Cost Savings: - with constant output capacity, the MOF-PROMO HP 200 requires up to 60 % less laser additives - thanks to low maintenance and durable components High Contrast Marking: Very good readability thanks to high inscription contrast Application Possibilities: Versatile deployable, for instance for AntiProduct...

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