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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 1

Pad Printing Laser Systems Automations ENCODER Pad printing machine PAD PRINTING LASER MARKING CONSUMABLES SERVICE Pad printing machine for the most difficult printing positions Brilliant printing at any angle of inclination - even overhead Specially developed for integration into automated systems

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 3

ENCODER Series Built-in solution for automations Designed as a compact built-in machine for seamless integration into automation processes, the ENCODER series impresses with its stable printing process at high printing speeds. The ENCODER series offers you the freedom to handle integration and control yourself, enabling versatile printing applications. With its unique 360° alignment, you can be sure that all printing positions are optimally reached. Even on inclined surfaces or in vertical alignment, the ENCODER series guarantees a safe and stable printing process. With the optional Option...

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 4

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 5

Standard pad printing machine Option aluminum stand Variable installation position within 360° ENCODER Variable printing positions and angles Tools and accessories Assembly table Gripping tongs Printing pad Documentation Spare parts list Accessories & Options ENCODER aluminum stand with height adjustment Mechanical fixed stop Overhead control Ink residue pick-up system left/right ENCODER Control cabinet with internal display Control cabinet with external display Ink/doctoring cup Thrust collar

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 6

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