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Pad Printing Machines ALFALAS® Laser Systems Automations ENCODER Pad Printing Machine PAD PRINTING MACHINES ACCESSORIES SERVICE Pad printing machine for the most demanding printing positions Brilliant print in any angle of inclination, even overhead Specially developed for integration in all kinds of automated systems

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 2

Standard Pad Printing Machines ENCODER Series The ENCODER machine series was specifically developed for integration in all kinds of automated systems. Variable control possibilities: For the EP series we offer three different electronic control possibilities. Variable installation positions: The ENCODER EP/1 models, equipped with a piston on the ink/ doctoring cup and adequate overhead control, guarantee all print positions. Fitted with the ENCODER aluminium stand, the ENCODER EP/1 have a free choice of positioning within 360° and the distance to the printing component can be additionally...

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 3

ENCODER Series With pad printing it becomes recognizable.

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 4

ENCODER Series ENCODER 40 EP & EP/1 ENCODER Table model Ink residue pick-up system Single cycle Multiple printing Piece counter Variable speed control max. Variable doctoring contact pressure Cliché size Print image size max. Variable pad stroke onto workpiece Pad stroke onto cliché Connected load Power supply Interface Power frequency Control Control voltage Pneumatic supply fine filter 5 µm 1) EP/1 = Excess pressure regulation in the ink/doctoring cup, vacuum control unit 2) Special depth Floor stand

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ENCODER Pad Printing Machinen - 5

Standard Pad Printing Machines ENCODER Series ENCODER Variable printing positions and printing angles ENCODER EP Fully automatic machine for the medical technology industry Accessories & Options Toolkit Paper cups Spray bottles Assembly table Gripping tongs Ink/doctoring cup Thrust collar Pad Documentation ENCODER aluminium frame 360° with height adjustment via handwheel Stroke extension 50 EP optionally 160, 200, 300 mm – ex works Vacuum control unit EP/1 – excess pressure regulation with special below Ink residue pick-up system left/right EP Pad spreading device, towing equipment Control...

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