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Pad Printing Case Study High-Speed Long-Cap Printing Fully-Integrated Flat-Bed and Rotary Printing 9,000 cycles/h +++ Precision printing +++ Efficient small-series production +++ Saves on storage +++ Handles more orders/day

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MALA – The Experts for Aluminum Closures MALA Verschlusssysteme GmbH is a typical German “hidden hero”: A medium-size family business, yet still – or perhaps precisely for this reason – one of the biggest names in its sector and currently the world’s third-largest manufacturer of aluminum beverage closures. The company, located in Bad Liebenstein and Wernshausen in Thuringia, has been producing beverage closures since the beginning of the 1990s and is now THE undisputed specialist for aluminum roll-on closures. In the meantime, they have expanded into the USA, serving the American market...

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Problem & Task Inflexible and Expensive Production, Limited to Large Series In the past, MALA had been producing aluminum Long Caps by printing very large, flat, unprocessed metal sheets using offset printing. Only when these sheets had been pre-printed, could the closures be punched and shaped. This method brought with it both technical problems as well as organizational and hence economic disadvantages: Minimum production quantities per motif were P very large. I ¦ t was not possible to handle the increasing number of requests for small and special series. Production time was relatively...

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Printing Long Caps at High Speed It works, it lasts and it pays off. Thanks to TAMPOPRINT.

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The Solution Flat-Bed Printing at Rotary Speeds – The Speed Module The task was to find a better alternative for high-quality and flexible printing. This is where pad printing came into it ... The solution was realized in two phases: Phase 1: Rotary Printing for 360° Printing of ircular Surfaces C The initial request was “only” for 360° circular printing of Long Caps after shaping (deep-drawing). This was realized by means of rotary pad printing. The two-lane TOP SPIN rotary pad printer prints 15,000 closures per hour – in four colors and with the highest precision, too. Phase 2: Add-On...

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The Benefits Advantages for the Customer – Efficiency and Security “Of course it’s fun setting records,” Head of Development, Stephan Berger, concludes. And board member Oliver Nitschke, himself an engineer, agrees: “The SPEED module is a world champion that works, lasts, and pays off.” He then adds, however: “As usual, the customer is primarily interested in the third part of our slogan. It had to pay off for him. And it did, too. In a big way.” The advantages for the customer are indeed considerable: ☑☑ Flexibility: The customer can now react quickly and fl exibly to inquiries. The...

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Order flexibility P S ¦ mall and medium-sized orders can now be handled. P Production speed E ¦ ven with the flat-bed module, the system runs at the speed of a rotary printer. Cuts storage space P N ¦ o necessity to stockpile P Competitive edge L ¦ ow unit costs, small-series capability, print quality, and speed give the user a clear advantage in the market place. Conclusion Thanks to its small-series capability, low unit costs, short setup times, and excellent print quality at top speeds, the system is ideally suited to giving the customer a decisive lead over its competitors – and...

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