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Technology • Creativity • Reliability An Unswerving Commitment to Excellence High Precision Manual/Automatic Surface Grinder (Shown W/Option)

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Precision Automatic Surface Grinder Spindle run-out within Turcite-B coated spindle Enlarged honey comb-ribbed column is designed for heavy duty grinding Direct drive spindle motor Front mount flanged type spindle design for heavy duty Continuous flood type lubrication system to reduce machine wear and maintain Revolutionary proximity switch Zero-setting slip rings with venier scale on both Z & Y Able to hold more than Preset table speed hydraulic control allows for fine increment of table speed Double V of crossfeed systerr table flatness accuracy Three axes fully microprocessor controlled...

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Precision Automatic Surface Grinder • Front mount spindle with run-out within 0.0001" • Over all flatness within 0.00015" at 10"x20" grinding • Revolutionary sensor triggering directional control valve • Microprocessor controlled 24 volt control circuit • Fully ribbed machine base and column • Two speed rapid elevation travel • Recirculating auto lubrication system • Turcite-B coated table and crossfeed • Precise stepping motor for downfeed • Electronic saddle lock device • Table speed is adjusted with flow- control turning knob • Hold maximum work load at 840 lbs • Dynamically balanced 3...

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^^^| Precision Manual/Automatic • Front mount spindle with run-out within 0.00008' • Table over-all flatness is within 0.00012" • Revolutionary sensor triggering directional control valve • Safety 24 volt control circuit • Recirculating auto lubrication system for all slideways • Auto-lube indicator • 9 position indexible table handwheel • Special vacuum heat treated slideways at hardness • Double-Vee lining crossfeed ways at 19.6"apart • Bello-type cover on crossfeed leadscrew • Ball-rolling table ways • FC 25 machine base weighs more than 1,804 lbs • Maximum work load at 380 lbs • Front...

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MU^J Constructions Manufactured to exact tolerances: Parallelism of longitudinal movement Parallelism of cross movement Parallelism between spindle centerline to table surface Squareness between spindle centerline to table movement Squareness of longitudinal movement to cross movement Squareness between vertical, cross & longitudinal movement Run-out of spindle nose Features & Constructions Dynamic balanced V-3 graded spindle motor. Extra wide saddle & Turcite-B lining double-V crossfeed ways ensure the table movement always within the machine base. Machine is equipped with splash guard,...

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Features & Constuctions Model M28 and above have honey comb ribbed column. Indexible longitudinal hand wheel (Model 618 Table longitudinal ball roller slideways are vacuum heat-treated up to RC 62. and hardness of them is through out the whole bar. Therefore. the slideways have no chance to deform, and the accuracy of the machine is guaranteed Precision hardened & ground crossfeed leadscrew with double nut Also shown is the bello type cover (Model 618 to 1020) Crossfeed with ball screw design eliminates backlash (Model 1428 & above) Circular auto-lubrication system (Model 618 &...

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^T^^l Control Panel & Functional ^^^Ll Descriptions Grinding Procedures RAPID APPROACHES SURFACE GRINDING PLUNGE GRINDING DOWNFEED IS EXECUTED DOWNFEED AT THE RIGHT AT THE FRONT AND BACK EDGE OF WORKPSCE REPEAT AFTER WORKPIECE CHANGED SPARK-OUT 0-9 Wnrnl TABLE STOP • Provide plunge & surface grinding modes. • Vertical feed powered by double motors: Stepping motor for Auto-downfeed (Min. increment: 0.00005 ); AC motor for Rapid & slow up/down • Maximum cycle downfeed. (0.45 ), can extend to whole vertical travel (optional accessory: digital readout set with feedback function) to meet special...

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Note: The manufacture reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc to improve the performances of machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are for reference only Optional Accessories Magnetic Separator & Paper Filter System Grinding Wheel Chuck Control with Demagnetizer Coolant System Overhead Parallel Dresser Punch Former Dust Suction & Coolant System Electromagnetic Chuck Radius & Angle Forming Attachment Wheel Flange Permanent Magnetic Chuck Web site: LA E-mail Address: acer@acerg Grinding Wheel Chuck Control with...

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