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SUPRA-PD grinder series

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SUPRA-PD Grinder Series • (U.S. only) Technology i Creativity i Reliability An Unswerving Commitment to Excellence

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MAIN FEATURE (jl) Spindle run-out within © Zero-setting slip rings with venier scale on Y axis. © Enlarged honeycomb-ribbed © Crossfeed precision ball screw column is designed for heavy allows for zero backlash duty grinding Standard high is at 28-5/16" © Saddle lock/unlock device (J) Continuous flood type lubrication system to reduce machine wear and maintain © Revolutionary proximity switch (JJ?) Turcite-B coated spindle (J) Direct drive spindle motor Front mount flanged type spindle design for heavy duty © Able to hold more than © Preset table speed hydraulic control allows for fine...

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MAIN FEATURE Front mount spindle with run-out Over all flatness within 0.00015" Revolutionary sensor triggering directional control valve PLC controlled 24 volt control Full ribbed machine base and Two speed rapid elevation travel Recirculating auto lubrication Turcite-B coated table and crossfeed ways Precise stepping motor for downfeed increment control - Electronic saddle lock device Table speed is adjusted with flow- control turning knob Hold maximum work load at 840 Recirculating auto lubrication system

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HUMANWARE FOR HIGH PRECISION UnUUWMMWtfC LOtf UIPU kMCPI9inM I On PD models, user can set the vertical zero point, start point, finish grinding volume, target point and the grinding wheel start point. The machines features a simple & clear digital display & touch control panel for easy learning and efficient operation. I Vertical feed powered by an efficient AC motor for rapid up / down, stepping motor for slow up / down movemont and downfeed increment. I Vertical positioning is displayed on the screen showing spindle position and setting the start point, rough grinding volume, finish...

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Enlarged honeycomb ribbed column especially suitable for heavy duty grinding. ■ HIGH ANTI-WEAR GUIDE-WAYS The saddle rests on precision hand scraped double V ways, and the table rests on precision hand scraped V and flat ways which coated with "TURCITE-B" These guide ways are equipped with recirculating lubrication system to resist wear of guide ways, and provide stable movement and repetitive accuracy. Frequency Inverter ,— 7.2" touch color screen Chuck Control(optional) Cross feed ball screw is driven by Brush less DC motor, and there are have two speed rates - rough and finish grinding...

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OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Wheel Flange Halogen light Balancing Stand Bi-directional Single-directional Dynamic balanced V-3 Crossfeed lock and Punch Former Punch Former graded spindle motor. proximity switch design for crossfeed travel. (Model

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OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Dust Suction & Coolant System Coolant System with Magnetic Dust Collector Permanent Magnetic Chuck Coolant System Overhead Parallel Dresser Electro Magnetic Chuck Coolant System with Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator Chuck Control With Stepping motor on Crossfeed with ball screw Front mount four screws spind le with 4 su per downfeed system ensures design elminates backlash, precision angular ball bearing. (Model 1428 an accurate downfeed (Model 1428 & above) & above)

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Note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanisms, etc. to improve the performance of machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are for reference only. YA GIN MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING INC. Seng Karng District,Taichung City,Taiwan

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