High Precision Double-Column Surface Grinder - 8 Pages

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High Precision Double-Column Surface Grinder

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Technology * Creativity • Reliability An Unswerving Commitment to Excellence High Precision Double-Column Surface Grinder

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This double-column type surface grinder has two columns, This lateral beam has a high intensive structure, well a lateral beam and a machine base. They are connected ground by a precision grinder, which joins with precision together by screws, and their outside appearance looks linear V bearing slide ways for heavy duty pressure support. like a square shape. This design has a fixed height lateral Crossfeed movement is driven by a ball screw using an AC beam. This means the only moving Z axis is the spindle motor as the power source. The resulting motion is very housing assembly. Since...

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The 2 axis main control is a Sanyo servo motor. This motor, coupled with a gear reducing box, can drive the spindle up and down within 2/100,00 of an inch. This axis is the only axis controlled by the NC system, and it is support by a high precision ball screw. All movement of the axis can be precisely set and calculated. An individual lubrication pump lubricates the ball screw and the supporting Z axis slide ways. The spindle assembly is the heart of this grinder. It uses three-pair of preloaded, super precision, angular contact ball bearings that are completely sealed with high quality...

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motor control Large spindle housing with wheel guard able to hold 3" thick wheel from damaging Piston supporting Accordion type

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coupling Seryo motor auto lubrication Maximum crossfeed stop limit switches Economically designed pendant style control control circuit. Crossfeed hand Lateral beam is made from high tensile cast irpn and is stress free! guard with clear film to stop coolant Directional control table direction Massive machine base weighs over Heavy ribbed column lateral beam Flow control table speed with adjusting valves design. Variable chuck control master

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Features & Constructions This electrical cabinet is separated into two sections. The control voltage on this panel is 24 volts. The location of On the right is the high voltage power control on the the switches is designed for the best view and most right, and on the left is the low voltage control. This convenient operation of the user. Micro-computer and separation permits easy trouble shooting of electrical machinery power switches are separately lined up. Two troubles. The cooling fan on the left-hand side of the different colors to identify switches and each switch is cabinet reduces...

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Optional Accessories Manufactured to exact tolerances: Parallelism of longitudinal movement Parallelism of cross movement Parallelism between spindle centerline to table surface Squareness between spindle centerline to table movement Squareness of longitudinal movement to cross movement Squareness between vertical, cross & longitudinal movement Run-out of spindle nose Wheel flange Electro-magnetic chuck with variable chuck controller (must be installed at the factory) Hydraulic parallel dresser system Magnetic separator with coolant paper filter system

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NOTE: 1. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the design, specifications, mechanism, etc.. to improve the pe the machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are just for reference. Web site:http://www.acergroup.com Email Add. :acer(" acergroup.com Email Add.iklimiW acergroup.com SPRINGWOOD INDUSTRIAL, INC. KLIM INDUSTRIAL. INC. 1062 N. Kraemer Place 244 N. Randolphville Rd. TAIWAN SPRINGWOOD INTERNATIONAL. INC. No. 101, 506 Lane, Seng Tso Rd. Seng Kamg Sharng. Taichung County, Taiwan.

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