Heavy Duty Engine Lathe Dynamic 35" - 70“ Series - 8 Pages

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Heavy Duty Engine Lathe Dynamic 35" - 70“ Series

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Technology • Creativity • Reliability An Unswerving Commitment to Excellence Heavy Duty Engine Lathe

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Machine Features Two FAG taper-roller bearings, and a third cylindrical roller bearing support are the key to withstand heavy cutting. The spindle is forged from high carbon medium steel (SF45), and induction hardened & ground to its final accuracy. The spindle can hold 11,000 lbs without center support. (Note: Only when chuck is on spindle and dead center on tailstock.) The sizes of the bore are from 6" to 21". Rigidity and durability of the headstock are derived from extra thick casting (FC-30) and a prolonged annealing process. Heavy internal ribbings and large thick walls provide...

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The uniquely designed gear box offers a comprehensive range of thread choices (inch and metric) without the need to change transposing gears (metric threads: 1~56mm pitch; inch threads: 2/1 -28 TPI). A wide range of feed rate selection and threading is easily accomplished using four levers and a rotary dial. The gear box is a one-piece cast design (five sided, only a cover on top) to allow precise machining and oil carrying capacity. The oil bathed internal gears are made from medium carbon steel (S45C) and are hardened and fine machined to their specifications. An oil level gauge is The...

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Machine Description Indexable four post select Auto feed stopper Three ways

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/vable splash guard Automatic movable screw support connecting device Saddle lock device Halogen light heavy cutting support Two speed selection lever Telescopic taper turning attachment Quick clamp action lever cable cover' control panel Emergency switch for total electric shut off machine base Hand crank for tailstock's manual movement Tailstock's position lock lever hose connector

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Machine Features Automated Tool Post One unique feature of the lathe is its patented powered tool post. By engaging the apron lever and selecting this function on the tool post's engagement button, the tool post will travel by itself and it can also swivel 360 degrees. This unique design permits the mechanically powered tool post to perform oblique cutting at different angle. The A 4-1/2" diametered quill, graduated in both inch and metric units, is made from high tensile steel that is hardened and ground to accuracy (hardness of the quill is HRC 60 degrees). The massive body and rigid...

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Standard & Optional Accessories ACER Standard 1. Spindle center run-out 3. Spindle taper run-out (front at 0" position) 4. Headstock alignment vertical Swing over 6. Cross slide alignment Optional Accessories Swing over 30 face plate with four jaws from 32"~60" in diameter Steady rest / follow rest

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