ATL 18?~33? Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe - 6 Pages

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ATL 18?~33? Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe

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Precision CNC Flat bed Lathe Go SIMPLE! GO EASY! ATL 18”~33” Series Flat Bed CNC Lathe The Easiest Conversational NC lathe you can trust!!! An Unswerving Commitment to Excellence

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Headstock Rugged high grade alloy gears are hardened & ground by Reishauer to achieve for smooth, quiet and vibration-free running. The main spindle is supported by selected taper roller bearings and preloaded roller bearing to ensure high running accuracy through full speed ranges. And this design also insures spindle’s high rigidity and concentricity. Pressurized circular lubrication from separate electric pump and oil reservoir provides a constant flow to all gears and bearings which maintains excellent thermal stability. Hot oil does not stay in headstock thus preventing thermal...

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CE Standard Electric Cabinet A complete sealed electric cabinet with power disconnect to prevent fluid or dust from entering. Integrated electrical engineering with I/O plate and component set type evidence all control system’s performance and allow for easy trouble-shooting. Top mounting resisters are heat dissipater that reduces heat build-up when user constantly forward and reverse the spindle. Powerful top-and-down mounted fans use hot & cold air principle to reduce heat build-up in the electric cabinet. Each electric component is placed under CE guideline and is quick and easy to...

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Optional Accessories Chip conveyer system External coolant tank Electric 4 way tool post Hydraulic 8 tools turret Hydraulic tailstock Electric 8 tools turret Spindle oil chiller unit

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Working Capacity Swing over bed Swng over cross slide 4 way tool post/H4 eletric turret; spindle w/3 jaw chuck to center Max. cutting V8 electric turret; length spindle w/3 jaw chuck to center Center to center 4 way tool post/H4 Max. cutting eletric turret diameter V8 electric turret Center height Width of bed Headstock and Main Spindle Range of spindle speeds Spindle nose; internal taper Spindle bore Cross slide travel (X axis) Longitudinal travel (Z axis) Turret Tailstock Motor AC servo (X axis) AC servo (Z axis) Diameter of ball screw (X axis) Diameter of ball screw (Z axis) Rapid travel...

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SPRINGWOOD INDUSTRIAL, INC. KLIM INDUSTRIAL, INC. YA GIN MACHINE TOOL MANUFACTURING INC. Seng-Karng District, Taichung City, Taiwan E-mail: E-mail: rove the performance of machine without notice. All the specifications shown above are for reference only.

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