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生产设备 Equipment

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关于我们 About us 企业简介 Company Info. 战略伙伴 Partners

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企业简介 Company Advantage 1. 紧靠国家级一类开放港口——石岛港(30万吨级国际 码头),北依威海港,毗邻荣乌高速,威海机场。 Close to international port- Shidao Port (300,000-ton international terminal). North to Weihai Seaport, and next to high way. 30 KM from Weihai airport. 2. 积极与国际接轨,取得多种国际认证。 Familiar with variety of international code. 3. 探伤、热处理、卷板综合加工制造实力国内名列前茅。 Top level for ability of Detect

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主营业务 Main Business 1 Pressure Vessel, A2 Classification3 Medium and Low Pressure Vessel, Normal Pressure Vessel, A3 Spherical Tank ASME U and U2 and S Stamped Pressure Vessel, PED Conformed Pressure Vessel 模块设备、管道管 件及压力管道的制 造安装 Modular Equipment, Piping and fittings, and Site Assembly of Pressure Pipeline A级锅炉部件(锅 筒、集箱) A Class Part of Boiler (Boiler Drum and Header)

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设备用材范围 Processed Materials 碳钢及低合金钢 Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Q245R(SA516 Gr65)、Q345R(SA516 Gr70) 、13MnNiMoR(BHW35)、14Cr1MoR(SA387 Gr11)、15CrMoR(SA387 Gr12)、16MnDR、12Cr2Mo1R(SA387Gr22) 、08Ni3DR、 09MnNiDR(SA537 Cl1) 不锈钢和双相钢 Stainless steel and Duplex steel 0Cr19Ni9(304)、00Cr19Ni10(304L)、0Cr17Ni12MO2(316)、00Cr17Ni14MO2 (316L)、1Cr18Ni9Ti(321)、0Cr19Ni13MO3(317)、 904L、 SMO254、 AL-6XN、 SAF2304 (S32304) 、SAF2205 (S31803) 、SAF2507 (S32750 ) 铜及其合金 Copper and its alloy 镍及镍合金 Nickel and its alloy

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 8

l£2Ud£fJH! CertificatesChinese Special Equipment Licenses ft ft .1 <K *> BTfi WHIMtWfft Dn%a I if mm mt S**f«l tqaipar*! Pmp*»‘i lUpaMk afCMaa (Si)•■> ■4. miiHn-ni) **AR«#]|S MiMfKtin UmwifSfKtil Iqaipowai fwpk » RrpaMk afCMaa ■4. tnnim-NU MM. MR«« ilMMlAMIMlWf «•# MR* MUtSjMftM. *Tudwc I to* I iccmf of Spec .*1 F qvipntit People « RrpwMK of ( krai

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企业资质 Certificates ISO System Certificates 9001, 14008, 18001,

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&&&. ffianR»7a«jEa«3tttAi. A2. ®#/*nDn&Wfa£SS. R»7HBASMEUfiE. mtL. te£E;fj#&i£i+. tt StaSSHlUSfiE. Weihai Shidao Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has obtained the designand manufacture license of A1, A2, and A3 pressure vessels in accordance with the long standing experiences of boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing of Taishan Group. With the development of product we obtained the certification of ASME . We have established pressure vessel design and manufacturing quality assurance system in acordance with the relevant national laws and regulations.Based on the IS09001 quality certification...

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«iiP^4:fl»SuLn The Leans* o* Import and Export 0»^Hf. AAA ill *&U i\ m S « Ml B Shandong Province Enterprise Cr*dit Rating Certificate

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生产设备 Equipment 生产设备 Equipment 主制车间 Main Workshop

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重容车间 Heavy Duty Workshop 重型容器车间为面积4.5万平米的四连跨重型厂房,厂房高38m、单跨宽36m、长330m, 最大起吊能力640吨。 45,000-square meter heavy vessel fabrication wor

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特材洁净车间 Special Material Clean Workshop 两联轻容车间为面积1.2万平米,包括分隔的洁净车间和次洁净车间。 12,000-square meter light vessel fabrication workshop, including se

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Super Heavy Duty Roller NO. Device name l WE«l

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下料设备 Blanking Equipment 24m×5m数控等离子/火焰切割机 24m×5m CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine 双头铣边机 Milling Machine 加工能力Capacity L15000 mm 高速水切割机High-speed Water Cutting Machine 加工能力Capacity:

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 19

下料设备 Blanking Equipment 数控高速双轴平面钻床CNC Drilling Machine 加工能力Capacity L5000*W5000*Thk250mm 数控双柱立式车床CNC Vertical Lathe 加工能力Capacity 8000mm 卧式双主轴数控深孔钻床CNC Deep Drilling Machine 加工能力Capaci

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 20

焊接设备 Welding Equipment 瑞典伊萨9×6m窄间隙埋弧焊机 9×6m Narrow-Gap Auto SAW Machine from ESAB

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焊接设备 Welding Equipment 瑞典伊萨(ESAB)细丝埋弧焊机 Thin-wire SAW Machine from ESAB 100吨焊接变位机(HB-1000) Overturn welding positioner 4500mm100 tons

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 22

焊接设备 Welding Equipment 法兰端面堆焊机(KM2025) Overlay Welding Machine for Flange End Plane 小直径直管内壁自动堆焊机统(HZU-350S) Auto Overlay welding Machine for Pipe Φ45-Φ500mm 换热管-管板自动焊(EWA408) Tube-Tubesheet Auto-Welding Machine

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 23

探伤设备 Detective Equipment Co60探伤室 RT Room 探伤能力Capacity: Max. Thk 380mm

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Heat Treatment, Painting, Blasting Equipment 36 m ×7.4m× 7.6 m数控台式燃气热处理炉 Digital Controlled Gas Heat Treatment Furnace 框架式油压机 Oil Press Machine 加工能力Capacity: Press 2000 Tons

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 25

实验设备 Test Equipment 10吨万能电子试验机 Electrical-controlled Mechanical Test Machine 扩散氢测定仪 Diffusible Hydrogen Tester WAW-600C微控全液压伺服万能试验机 Hydraulic-driven Mechanical Test Machine

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 26

实验设备 Test Equipment MR5000金相显微镜 德国蔡司 MR5000 Microscope from German Zeiss 直读式光谱仪 Directly-reading PMI Device

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 28

核心产品-加氢裂化反应器 Hydrocracking Reactor 我公司设计的加氢反应器的工作介质为甲苯、 氢气、氮气及反应混合物。 ID: φ4000 mm,TL-TL: 22049mm, Material: 12

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 29

Threaded Locking Ring Hydrocrackate Exchanger SHt&e at« - *Mt/“ »s* Breech Lock Type Heat Exchanger DN 1200*8330* (46+6.5) 7tfa fS: 12Cr2Mo1R+*t*?E309L+E347 0Cr18Ni10Ti ffcS32168 II: 46fft

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 30

——'Gasification furnace < Gasification furnace m M: 76T ft J^: 15CrMoR+S31603 rta^psawi. R 'J': $2700/ <13 2690X1419

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核心产品-甲醇合成塔 Methyl alcohol sy

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核心产品-多级连续搅拌高压釜 Multi-stage contin

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 33

核心产品-航天设备 Aerospace Support Equipment 模拟太空真空舱 SS304L V=20m3 Vacuum Capsule for Simulating of Space 火箭液氧燃料储罐 Storage Tank for Liquid Oxygen Fuelled by Roc

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 34

核心产品-海水淡化设备 Sea water desalting equipment MED海水淡化模块 Desalination Modular ø4000mm*L42000mm Exported to Venezuela

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核心产品-灵活焦化设备 Flexible coking unit

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核心产品-灵活焦化设备 Flexible coking unit 年产100万吨灵活焦化装置PMB石油化工项目。该项目为 全球第六套灵活焦化工艺装置,国内首次制作的灵活焦化 工艺装置。 This projects includes: Gasifier:

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Pressure Vessel Brochure - 37

核心产品-“一带一路产品” Belt and Road Product: Under water Gas Collector ID: 3380mm, Length: 22600mm Unit weight: 123 Tons This equipment will be arrange 20 meters down under water to collect and separate methane gas

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核心产品-层板包扎容器 Multilay

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核心产品-层板包扎容器 Multilay

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核心产品-特大型装备 Over

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核心产品-特大型装备 Over

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