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MODELS WW2571/2A 250MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators • Single / Dual Channel 250MS/s waveform generator • Sine waves to 100MHz and Square to 62.5MHz • Powerful sequence generator links and loops segments in user-dened fashion. Stores up to 10 different sequence tables • 16 Bit LVDS parallel output • 1M waveform memory, 2M/4M optional • High resolution 3.8” LCD, color display • Multiple run modes: trigger, timer and trigger delay • Multi-Instrument synchronization • AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, ASK, (n)PSK, (n)QAM, Frequency Hop, 3D and sweep • ArbConnection software for easy waveform creation Model WW2571/2A, is a single/dual channel frequency agile waveform synthesizer that combines industry leading performance, frequency agility and modulation capability in a stand-alone, bench-type product. Having 1.5Hz to 250MHz clock and 16-bit vertical DAC resolution provides the test stimuli required for the decades to come. It can be used as an arbitrary waveform generator, modulating generator, as well as function and pulse generator. High Speed Function Generator Interested in standard functions? There are 10 built-in functions that cover most routine requirements. These are sine, triangle, square, pulse, ramp, sinx/x, Gaussian, exponential, noise, as well as DC. Sine and square waves can be generated from frequencies as low as 100μHz to frequencies as high as 100MHz. All functions and their respective parameters are accessible via the front panel. 250MS/s Performance Higher performance test equipment and systems are needed as products which use increasing signal bandwidths are developed. The sample rate generator can be programmed from frequencies as low as 1.5Hz to 250MHz with superior waveform quality and purity. For example, phase noise is typically below 120dB/Hz at 10kHz offset for a 10MHz sine wave. Waveform Memory Longer waveform memory minimizes test duration by allowing multiple waveforms to be loaded simultaneously and retrieved as needed for the specic test. Each channel comes with 1M points of memory as standard. Optional 2M or 4M memory is available for applications requiring longer memory. Digital Outputs 16-bits are available as digital patterns from a rear-panel VHDC connector. Output level is LVDS which is efcient and sufcient for high speed digital data transmissions. Digital patterns are built the same way as arbitrary waveforms; thus the immense power of the waveform generator with all its functions and features is harnessed behind this output turning the WW2571/2A into the most powerful pattern generator in its class. Frequency Agility Decrypting radio transmission often employs frequency hopping. The WW2571/ 2A provides breakthrough technology that allows simulation of 12-bit decrypted code as easy as writing a simple hop table. The frequency hop mode is fast, coherent and provides a great tool for simulating code transmission without losing speed and integrity. Accurate Output As standard, the instrument is equipped with an internal frequency reference that has 1ppm accuracy and stability over a period of 1 year. An external frequency reference is provided on the rear panel for applications requiring greater accuracy or stability, supported by the instrument’s up to 14 digits resolution from remote.

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WW2571A - 2

MODELS WW2571/2A 250MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Memory Segmentation and Sequencing Solving almost every complex application, powerful segmentation and sequencing produce an endless variety of complex waveforms. The waveform memory can be divided into multiple waveform segments and sequenced in user-selectable fashion to create complex waveforms that have repeatable segments and thus saving precious memory space. Five different advance modes are available for the WW2571/2A series to step through the sequence table, including stepped and mixed advance modes and thus...

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MODELS WW2571/2A 250MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication CONFIGURATION EXPONENTIAL PULSE Output Channels 1/2, semi-independent Time Constant: STANDARD WAVEFORMS Sine, Triangle, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Sine(x)/x, Gaussian, Exponential, Repetitive Noise and DC Frequency Range: Sine 100μHz to 100MHz Square, Pulse 100μHz to 62.5MHz All others 100μHz to 31.25MHz SINE Start Phase: 0-360° Phase Resolution: 0.01° Harmonics Distortion, 3Vp-p (typ.): DC to 2.5MHz <-55dBc 2.5MHz to 25MHz <-50dBc 25MHz to 40MHz <-40dBc 40MHz to 50MHz <-35dBc 50MHz to 100MHz <-28dBc...

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MODELS WW2571/2A 250MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication FM Modulating Shape: Sine, square, triangle, ramp Modulation Freq.: 10mHz to 100kHz Deviation Range: Up to 50MHz Symbol Rate: 1S/s to 1MS/s Carrier Control: On/Off Symbol Accuracy: ±(500ns + Carrier Period) Table Size: 2 to 4096 SWEEP Modulating Shape: Arbitrary waveform Modulating SCLK: 1S/s to 2.5MS/s Freq. Array Size: 4 to 10,000 frequencies Sweep Step: Sweep Direction: Sweep Range: Sweep Time: COMMON CHARACTERISTICS Envelope Freq.: 10mHz to 100kHz Envelope Shape: Sine, square, triangle, ramp...

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WW2571A - 5

MODELS WW2571/2A 250MS/s Single/Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generators Specication SAMPLE CLOCK INPUT Connector: Input Level: Impedance: Range: Min. Pulse Width: COUPLE INPUT Connector: Input Level: Impedance: Min. Pulse Width: Rear panel SMB LVPECL 50Ω, terminated to +1.3V 4 ns RUN MODES Continuous: Triggered: Gated: Free-run output of a waveform. Upon trigger, outputs one waveform cycle. Last cycle always completed. External signal transition enables or disables generator output. Last cycle always completed Upon trigger, outputs a Dual or multiple pre-programmed number of waveform...

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