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Models 9100A/9200A 400Vpp Single/Dual Channel Signal Amplifier - 1

MODELS 9100A/9200A 400Vp-p Single / Dual Channel Signal Ampliers • High voltage output to 400Vp-p (±200V) • Output current to 125mA (9200A: 100mA per channel) • Full power bandwidth from DC to >500kHz • Slew rate to 400V/μs • Monitor Outputs for each channel • Precise signal amplication for multiple applications • Compatible with any of the Tabor waveform generators • Special unipolar mode for MEMS engine drivers (9200A) Model 9100A/9200A was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplier however, with specic applications in mind. It is built in a small case size to save space and cost but without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity. Solve Common Problems Model 9100A/9200A can output signals from -200V to +200V with continuous currents up to 125mA (9200A: 100mA per channel). The output is driven from a 0.1W source and, with some degradation of its bandwidth, can drive capacitive loads up to 1nF, while maintaining its full amplitude range. Model 9100A/9200A has a rearpanel monitor output that divides the main output signal by 100 for applications that require monitoring of the output signal with low voltage sensors. Modes of Operation (9200A only) The 9200A has two modes of operation. The rst is normal mode where each channel amplies and outputs bipolar signals with a gain of x50. In this mode, the input signal is amplied and delivered to the output terminals without modication of its original properties, except its amplitude level. Using this mode of operation, each channel can be used separately to amplify a unique signal. The second mode of operation is the unipolar mode where the signal is applied to one input, rectied, amplied and output through two separate outputs. Using this mode, the amplier is converted to a one-input, two-output system, specically designed to operate the up/down and right/left actuators of a typical MEMS micro engine, as well as for other applications requiring the precise conversion of bipolar to unipolar signals. Target Applications The amplier case was designed to stack on top or below other Tabor products. It can also be mounted alongside a Tabor generator in a standard 19" rack. The waveform-amplier combo is an ideal solution for virtually any high-voltage, wide bandwidth application. Safety Safety played a major role during the design of the Model 9100A/9200A. The high voltage path to the amplier circuit is blocked by a front panel mechanical switch and accidental application of high power to the UUT is prevented by a safety latch. The 9100A/9200A will output high voltage signals only after the safety latch has been lifted and the high voltage switch ipped to ON position. In emergency situations, one can hit the protective latch to immediately remove the high voltage power from the output terminals. As an additional visual safety feature, a red light glows on the front panel whenever the high voltage is turned on.

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Models 9100A/9200A 400Vpp Single/Dual Channel Signal Amplifier - 2

400Vp-p Single / Dual Channel Signal Amplifiers SINE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS ORDERING INFORMATION single-ended outputs, bipolar voltage span 1 separate input, having two output channels with 180° phase offset, unipolar voltage INPUT CHARACTERISTICS Amplitude Level: Frequency Range Full Power Unipolar Mode Front panel BNCs OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Source Impedance: Load impedance: Full Power Unipolar Mode Front panel BNCs full power bandwidth spec load resistance limited by the output current ; Capacitive reduces the full power Output normal; half wave SQUARE WAVE CHARACTERISTICS Small Signal...

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