Model WXD1 1.15Gb/s, 14-Channels Digital Signal Amplifier/POD


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Model WXD1 1.15Gb/s, 14-Channels Digital Signal Amplifier/POD - 1

Digital Signal Amplifier/POD 14 Digital Data Channels Dedicated pattern memory of up to 16MWord Programmable amplitude and offset control <100ps Initial skew between bits with ±2.5ns skew Up to 4Vp-p into 50Q, double into open circuit Auxiliary clock output The WXD1 is a digital signal amplifier pod that operates in conjunction with any of the WaveXciter series generators equipped with the digital outputs option (Option D). Combined they offer the ultimate, analog, digital and mixed signal solution that provides engineers with the necessary tools for solving their everyday applications, performing characterization, validation, verification or debugging of circuits. Inter Channel Delay Control Model WXD1 offers up to 14 channels of digital data and enables control of the delay between these channels with a range of for extremely precise multiple trigger lines or for highly synchronized clock and pattern signal generation the WXD1 offers a high level of accuracy and control of skew between channels. Independent Level Control Model WXD1 is equipped with 14 independent level and offset control circuits that converts the standard LVDS input that comes from the digital feed of the WX series, to any level within a 4Vp-p window. Having an independent level and offset control, simply means that one can create unique levels for a single or groups of data channels, without compromising on performance, extending the use of the standard digital feed to a vast array of digital design applications. Separate or Simultaneous Channels The new digital option of the WX series comes with a dedicated memory of up to 16MWord for the generation of digital data. The digital data can be generated through generated simultaneously from the front panel of the AWG. The dedicated digital data memory enables users to either generate analog waveforms and their digital representation, or independent digital and analog signals. Pattern Editing and Sequencing The WXD1 transforms the WX high speed AWG to a versatile mixed signal generator. Using the ArbConnection software and its Pattern Composer tool any complex data pattern can be designed quickly and easily. Using the dedicated memory of up to 32M and the sequencer capabilities enables insertion of infrequent faults and glitches into the data patterns to verify device or circuit Target Applications Target applications include parallel communication test between devices, characterize device timing, characterize and verify Asic, FPGA and DACs, D/A communication for cell phones and digital TV, create complex data patterns using the sequencer, test LCD display drivers, and Visit our website at

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Model WXD1 1.15Gb/s, 14-Channels Digital Signal Amplifier/POD - 2

Digital Signal Amplifier/POD BITS / OUTPUTS CHARECTARISTICS SAMPLE CLOCK OUPUT ORDERING INFORMATION Type: Single-ended Accuracy: Within ±0.1 V ± 5% of setting Skew Control Between bits: Initial Skew Pattern Source: Pattern Memory: arbitrary memory DIGITAL PATTERN INPUT Digital Signal Amplifier/POD High speed I/O receptacle Voltage Range: Frequency Range: Power Consumption: With Feet Without Feet Without Package Shipping Weight (,) Standard warranty in India is 1 year Visit our website at

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