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MODELS PM8571/2A 50MHz Single/Dual Channel Pulse Waveform Generators • 50MHz Single / Dual Channel Pulse / Pattern generator • 100MHz Function Generator for standard waveforms • Powerful sequence generator links and loops segments in user-dened fashion. Stores up to 10 different sequence tables • 300MS/s, 16Bit Arbitrary Waveform / Sequence Generator • High resolution 3.8” User Friendly color LCD display • 10ps pulse resolution with 4ns transition time • Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces • 32Vpp into open circuit with programmable impedance • Waveforms transfer and storage through USB/CD/DVD • 16-Bit Digital Pattern Generator with programmable level • “Drop-in” Emulators for: Fluke 80/1, HP8116, HP8112, HP8160, HP8165, Tabor 8500, Tabor 8550/1 • AM, FM, FSK, ASK, PSK, PWM and sweep Model PM8571/2A is very high performance, dual channel pulse/pattern generator that stretch normal pulse generators' spec to the limit, becoming by far the most advanced pulse waveform generator available in the market. In addition to its high performance pulse features, the new PM8571/2A generate a complete array of standard, arbitrary and sequenced waveforms which are necessities in today's laboratories. High Speed Function Generator Care to use the instrument as a function generator? No need to calculate complex waveforms because the PM8571/2A does the work for you. Select the standard waveforms tab and start generating any of ten waveforms that are pre-computed and available for immediate use. Included are: sine, triangle, square, pulse, ramp, sinc and others at frequencies up to 100MHz. Versatile Pulse Controls If your application requires more than just a xed duty cycle or programmable pulse width, then you can modulate and control your leading edge with any standard or arbitrary waveform shape. Combine all of these features with external pulse width control and you have an extremely versatile pulse generation tool. 32Vp-p Into Open Circuit While typical pulse/function generators come with 10Vp-p into 50Ω, model PM8571/2A provides an unmatched output of up to 20Vp-p into 50Ω (32Vp-p into open circuit). On top of that, the PM8571/2A output impedance can be programmed simply either from the front panel or through remote to t the UUT requirement. Extremely Accurate Resolution Need to control pulse transitions and placement? Just program each channel to output pulses with linear or fast transitions and control edge placement with 10ps resolution. Trigger Jitter Many applications require accurate triggering capabilities, with a trigger jitter of less than 100ps the PM series offers unprecedented triggering accuracy enabling users to implement various testing scenarios. Store / Recall (Memory stick/CD/DVD) The new PM series is equipped with a USB host enabling the loading and saving of setups and waveforms from various memory storage devices such as USB stick, CD ROM and DVD. This allows the user to instantly upload the waveforms and setup to the instrument without the need of a PC or Laptop. Emulating Legacy Products Model PM8571/2A implements command emulators to both new and discontinued Pulse and Function Generators sold in the market, providing smooth transition for all the aging automatic test systems that face obsolescence and maintenance problems. The unique feature will allow clients to easily "drop-in" the PM8571/2A in slots vacated by out-of-order Agilent, Fluke, HP, LeCroy, Tabor, Tektronix or Wavetek models, solving TPS programmers' replacement issues.

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Model PM8571/2A Pulse Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 2

MODELS PM8571/2A 50MHz Single/Dual Channel Pulse Waveform Generators Waveform Memory Waveform memory is the internal scratchpad where the waveforms reside. Larger memory banks provide for longer waveforms. One can use the entire memory (up to 4M) for a single waveform or split the length to smaller segments. In this case, many waveforms can be stored in the same memory and replayed, one at a time, when recalled to the output. The memory segmentation feature may be combined with a sequence generator that can take different memory segments and link (and loop) them in any order as required for...

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Model PM8571/2A Pulse Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 3

Pulse Waveform Generators Output Channels 1/2, semi-independent Normal, Complement Inverted, Linear transitions Single, Delayed, Double Fixed and External Width PERIOD PARAMETERS PULSE WIDTH, DOUBLE PULSE FIXED DUTY CYCLE MODE Output duty cycle remains constant regardless of pulse width setting OUTPUT LEVELS Mode: High/Low, Amplitude/Offset, Positive, Negative High Level Range: PULSE PERFORMANCE Transition Time: LINEAR TRANSITION TIMES In-range Span: EXTERNAL WIDTH CONTROL recovered whilst the period and width of an external input Rear panel TRIG IN connector STANDARD WAVEFORMS Waveforms:...

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Model PM8571/2A Pulse Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 4

MODELS PM8571/2A 50MHz Single/Dual Channel Pulse Waveform Generators Specication ARBITRARY WAVEFORMS FM Sample Rate: 1.5S/s to 250MS/s (typ. 300MS/s) Vertical Resolution: 16 Bits Waveform Memory: 1M points (2M/4M optional) Min. Segment Size: 16 points Resolution: 4 points No. of Segments: 1 to 10k Modulating Shape: Sine, square, triangle, ramp Modulation Freq.: 10mHz to 100kHz Deviation Range: Up to 50MHz SEQUENCED WAVEFORMS Segments may be linked and repeated in a user-selectable order to generate extremely long waveforms. Segments are advanced using either a command or a trigger Multi...

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Model PM8571/2A Pulse Generator Arbitrary Waveform Generator - 5

Pulse Waveform Generators MAIN OUTPUT Short Circuit to Case SYNC OUTPUT Sync Type: Arbitrary and Standard waves Sequence and Burst modes SAMPLE CLOCK OUTPUT COUPLE OUTPUT DIGITAL PATTERN OUTPUTS Rear panel SCSI-2, 68-pin VHDC Pattern Width: Output Level: Pattern Length: Arbitrary Memory 16 to 1M (2M or 4M optional) TRIGGER INPUT Input Impedance: Damage Level: Positive or negative, selectable EXTERNAL REFERENCE INPUT Connector: Rear panel SMB Impedance & Level: Option 50Q ±5%, OdBm Sinewave SAMPLE CLOCK INPUT Connector: Rear panel SMB COUPLE INPUT Input Level: Free-run output of a waveform....

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