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THINK RF THINK LUCID PORTABLE MODELS Tabor’s latest addition to its line of RF analog signal generators is by far the most advanced portable, handheld signal generator on the market. The all-new Lucid Series portable platform offers a modern design capable of operating either as a benchtop or a portable signal generator. The series feature 3, 6 and 12 GHz single channel versions, all sharing the very same industry leading highlighted features. Featuring superior signal integrity and purity, all the necessary modulated signals for analog communication systems, built in USB, optional LAN interfaces and removable microSD card, the Lucid Series is designed to meet today’s most demanding applications, whether in the lab or out in the field. 3, 6 & 12GHz RF analog signal generator Remotely programmable via MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW and other software programming environments. Field ready, with 10” touch screen suited for day and night use and 2 hour battery operation Removable uSD card for instrument security For more information contact us at: | Exceptionally Low Phase Noise of -145dBc/Hz @100MHz and 10@kHz offset AM, FM, PM, Sweep & Modulat

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Multiple Ways to Control the Unit and Write Your Code The Lucid Series has a dedicated software to control the instrument functions, modes and features via a graphical user interface (GUI). It also includes a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write applications in various environments, including LabVIEW, Python, CVI, C++, VB and MATLAB. You may also link the supplied DLL to other Windows-based API’s or use low-level SCPI commands to program the instrument, regardless of whether the application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems. Modulation Schemes Signal...

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Specifications SWEEP Phase offset: Switching speed: FREQUENCY REFERENCE Temp. Stability: Step change: Input Impedance: Input damage level: ±3.5V PULSE / TRIGGER INPUT Connector type: Input Impedance: Input voltage: Damage level: EXTERNAL REFERENCE INPUT PHASE MODULATION Output Return Loss: -10 dBm Modulation rate: Connector Type: AMPLITUDE MODULATION Power Mute: FREQUENCY MODULATION Dwell time: MODULATION INPUT Modulation Rate: Same as freq. range AMPLITUDE Settable: Connector type: Peak Deviation: Input Impedance: Modulation Rate: PULSE MODULATION (PLS OPTION) On/off ratio: Rise/fall time...

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Specifications GENERAL ORDERING INFORMATION Supply Voltage: Power Consumption: 3GHz Portable RF Analog Signal Generator Display Type 10", TFT capacitive touch screen 6GHz Portable RF Analog Signal Generator 12GHz Portable RF Analog Signal Generator Battery (included): Interface: Host: 1 x USB type B 1 x micro USB for LAN adapter 4-cell, replaceable battery (extra) External Charger for the Lucid Portable Battery Pulse Modulation Option Pattern Modulation Option Weight: Without Package: Shipping Weight: Temperature: Operating: Storage: 1/3 year warranty plan All rights reserved to Tabor...

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