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Stiffness Tester 150-E Flexibility and Resiliency Testing Precision instrument evaluates material stiffness. The Taber Stiffness Tester utilizes a two directional pendulum-type weighing system to evaluate material stiffness, flexural strength, resiliency and elasticity properties. Force is applied to the lower end of the specimen by a pair of rollers attached to the driving disc. The resulting torque tilts the pendulum from its vertical position and a Taber Stiffness Unit reading (gcm) is taken automatically when the pendulum mark aligns with the appropriate driving disc mark (71/2װ or 15). Predetermined sample length, deflection angle and rate of loading provide accurate and reproducible test results. Onboard computer automates testing. A high resolution optical encoder and a non-contacting photo sensor are incorporated to make this instrument fully automatic. The onboard computer calculates and records testing data (average; standard deviation; high/low; time; date; and a user-defined label), and converts stiffness readings to the appropriate user selected stiffness range. Test results are displayed on a 4 x 20 character display screen, and can be printed, stored or downloaded to a PC. Test a wide range of products. Nine distinct setups permit the testing of very delicate to extremely rigid materials. Taber Stiffness Testers will evaluate paper, foil, light metallic sheet, laminated plastic, cardboard, wire, and other flexible materials up to 5.5mm (0.219 inches) thick that do not exceed 10,000 Taber Stiffness Units.

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Stiffness Tester 150-E Flexibility and Resiliency Testing Standard Features: Factory calibrated to accuracy of 1% full scale Ratchet stop roller Auto / Manual modes Real-time clock and calendar RS-232 port 16-button control panel Integral weight storage 110/220V 50/60Hz operational Stiffness Tester Includes: Compensator Range Weight Range Weight (500, 1000 and 2000 units) Calibration Specimen Optional Accessories: High Sensitivity Attachment Triple Cut Specimen Shear Calibration Specimens Auxiliary Range Weight Set (3000 and 5000 units) Wire / Tube Testing Apparatus Range Weight Storage...

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