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Precision instrument evaluates material stiffness. The Taber Stiffness Tester utilizes a two directional pendulum-type weighing system to evaluate material stiffness, flexural strength, resiliency and elasticity properties. Force is applied to the lowerend of the specimen by a pair of rollers attached to the drivingdisc. The resulting torque tilts the pendulum from its vertical posi- tion and a Taber Stiffness Unit reading (gcm) is taken when the pendulum mark aligns with the appropriate driving disc mark (7 > 1 / 2 հor 15). Predetermined sample length, deflection angle and rate of loading provide accurate and reproducible test results. Established tester offers durable construction. Based on the original Taber Stiffness Tester, Model 150-B offers telescoping tripod legs which make this instrument lightweight and portable. Operated manually by an levercontrol switch, a robust housing protects the electricalcomponents. The new ratchet stop roller significantly reduces specimen mounting variability. Test a wide range of products. Nine distinct setups permit the testing of very delicate to extremely rigid materials. Taber Stiffness Testers will evaluate paper, foil, light metallic sheet, laminated plastic,cardboard, wire, and other flexible materials up to 5.5mm(0.219 inches) thick that do not exceed 10,000 Taber Stiffness Units. >

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PendulumSpecimen Clamp Jaws Taber Stiffness Unit Scale Driving Disc Ratchet Stop Roller Test Specimen Range Weight Stud Lever Control Switch Telescoping Legs >

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