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Standard table satisfies most applications. The specimen table equipped with the Taber Abraser has beendesigned to work with most materials. This 4 > 1 / > 4 Δ (108mm) diametertable includes a clamp plate and nut to test rigid materials, and a specimen hold-down ring (E100-101) to be used for flexible materials.A rubber pad (S-19) is provided to ensure a non-slip surface. Different configurations designed for specific materials. To expand the versatility of the Taber Abraser, interchangeablespecimen tables are available to evaluate materials not easily tested with the standard table. Engineered with a spring clutch, all tables lock onto the motor shaft to prevent shifting during testing but can easily be removed for specimen inspectionor to clean the motor shaft cavity. >

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Test MaterialModelSpecimen Holder DescriptionSpecimen SizeTest Conditions Rigid, flatE100-125 Standard Ζ test most rigid or flexible specimens 4 (100mm) square, orDry(use with E100-101 or 102 Hold Down Ring) 4 > 1 / 4 Ԕ (108mm) diameter, with > 1 / 4 (6.5mm) center hole* Rigid, flatE140-75 Rimmed Ԗ a > 3 / 8 (9.5mm) raised rim retains liquids,4Ԕ (100mm) square, orWetallowing you to determine the effect of absorbed 5 > 1 / 2 (140mm) diameter, withand / or surface moisture on abrasion resistance > 1 / 4 Ԕ (6.5mm) center hole* Rigid, warpedE140-21 NEMA Threaded Ring incorporates a clamp plate...

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