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Optical Micrometer Surface Measurement Handheld, portable instrument measures a range of surface damage. The optical micrometer will measure and evaluate the width or depth of scratches, cracks, pits, corrosion, dents and other blemishes in a variety of materials. In addition, it can be used to quantify the height of spurs and other small protrusions. For transparent materials, this instrument is useful for measuring thickness, depth of crazing, depth of fractures, and width of embedded voids. Simple design provides accurate results. An easy-to read Vernier Scale is standard on all optical depth micrometers and is calibrated in thousandths, ten thousandths and hundred thousandths. To take a reading, the operator rotates the micrometer thimble until the primary surface of the area comes into sharp focus. Subsequent readings at varying depths of focus are made in the same fashion. Depending on model, the optical micrometer is accurate to ±0.0002”. Adapts to convex, concave and compound contours. With a rugged housing, this instrument is ideal for field applications. Using one of the interchangeable bases, practically any surface could be measured - windshields, airframes, fuselage skin, propeller blades, rotor blades, turbine blades, plus many more. *Shown: Optical Micrometer Kit (Model 966A1) – Includes 5x and 10x interchangeable optics, 20x eyepiece cell, reticle eyepiece cell; five additional bases, micrometer light, adjustable light bracket and case.

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Specifications Model 966 Model 966A Magnification 100x 200x Optics Working Distance 0.6650” 0.2600” (depth measurement) Micrometer Working Distance 1.000” 1.000” Material Thickness (transparent) 0.9975” 0.3900” Accuracy ±0.0005” ±0.0002” Image Area 0.090” dia. 0.060” dia. Image Focal Plane ±0.0002” ±0.0001” Available in Two Models: Model 966 (100 power) Recommended for applications requiring greater working depth. Depth readings to 0.665” can be made with this instrument. Transparent materials up to 0.9975” thick can be measured with ±0.0005” accuracy. Model 966A (200 power) The standard...

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